Best Notion Templates for Students

In this article, we will go through the Best Notion Templates for Students.

List of Best Notion Templates for Students

  • Note-Taking System
  • School Hub / Dashboard
  • Class Notes
  • Simple Student Hub
  • Planner Template
  • Notion Template for Medical Students
  • Campus Life Organizer Template
  • Notion Pomodoro Template
  • Spaced Repetition Template
  • Course Plan Template
  • College Hub Template

Notion is an awesome app for Students to take Notes, Keep track of courses, Schedule, Class timetables, journals, etc all in one place.

Notion templates are a great way to get started with Notion for almost any kind of use Case. Whether you want to create a planner in Notion or take Class Notes.Notion has templates for everything.

If you are using Notion for the first time it can be really confusing which template best fits your need.

To solve this problem you can use the below-mentioned easy-to-use templates which will help you to take class notes, Keep track of your schedule and increase your productivity.

Let’s look at some of the Best Notion Templates for Students available right now.

#Note-Taking System

Best Notion Templates for Students

Created by: Thomas Frank

  • If you are someone who has used EverNote earlier and would like to have a mix of both Evernote and Notion features this is the right template for you.
  • This Note-taking System template consists of Notebooks on the left-hand side along with an Inbox to work with quick capture when you don’t have time to log on to your Laptop or PC and you want to jot down the ideas on your Mobile Phone.
  • Each Notebook consists of databases and Each consists of many different Notes along with status and category to sort each note based on the category.

Clone Note-Taking System Template

#School Hub / Dashboard Template

Created by: Will Gomberg

  • The School hub / Dashboard template is ideal for students to maintain the Course schedule and Notes .
  • It consists of a Main Dashboard with course Sub-pages for various courses on the left hand side .
  • A reminder section in the middle section which reminds you to finish certain tasks related to your course .
  • A Course schedule section on the right hand side with school Calendar which you can adjust as per your timetable.

Clone School Hub / Dashboard Template

​#Class Notes

Created by: Notion Labs

  • Class Notes Notion template is good for taking various class notes such as Notes for English,Maths,Arts,History Classes.Using this template you can capture and track all your Class notes at one place .
  • You can click on any item and add unlimited notes,bookmarks ,images ,videos etc.
  • The template comes in a tabular format with a Name section where you can define a name for the topic ,class section to define the class name ,type to define the class type such as Lecture ,Seminar or Study group.Also you can add the study material link in the Materials section.

Clone Class Notes Template

#Simple Student Hub Template

If you are looking for a Simple and beautiful Student hub template. You can try the below-mentioned template and see if it works for you.

Clone Simple Student Hub Template

#Planner Template

Created by Reddit user: Oh_Mr_Darcy

  • If you are looking for a template to increase your productivity .This can be the ideal template for you.It consists on time blocking to block your for certain tasks.
  • The productivity section consists of Pomodo Technique( Tomato ),Goals ,Habits Routines .You can customize it as per your need .
  • Another section is the projects section which you can use to link your project pages relevant to your yearly goals.

Clone Simple Student Hub Template

#Notion Template for Medical Students

Created by: Katrina D’Urzo

#Campus Life Organizer Template

#Notion Pomodoro Template

# Spaced Repetition Template

Created by: Brandon Zhang

We hope this article on Best Notion Templates for Students will help you find the right Notion template.

#Course Plan Template

# College Hub Template

We hope the above list of Best Notion templates for Students was helpful

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