11 Best Windows Freeware (Download Sites 2021)

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Many software download websites are loaded with spyware /bloatware. Here are the secure websites you can rely on when you need to download the best freeware software.

11 Best Windows Freeware/Shareware Download Sites.

1.Try to download from the official Vendor first

Before we get into the websites that sell a variety of Windows applications, it’s important to note that the best way to download the most common software is usually from the manufacturer’s official website. It doesn’t get any safer than its homepage if you’re trying to download a browser, security suite, media app, or something similar.

Some software can still try to sell you unwanted bundled software through its official website, but you can be certain that it is malware-free. If you don’t know where to get an app, a fast Google search for “download Spotify” or something similar will pull up a box that will guide you there.


Filehippo is one of my personal favorite .I have been using this website for quite a long time. Whenever I need software the first website which comes to my mind is Filehippo. However, it might differ from person to person.

FileHippo is a well-known website with a large number of successful programs organized by category. If you don’t want to download desktop applications, it also has a repository of mobile apps.
Occasionally, the site will suggest that you download another program (such as Opera with integration for Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger) before the one you requested. This, on the other hand, is clearly numbered, easy to miss, and does not imply shady tech.

2.Cnet Download

You can go to https://download.cnet.com/ and search for the required software .Cnet.com needs no introduction .It’s a well known name in the area of Software downloads

It is a software download directory on the internet that provides a comprehensive list of all forms of software and is one of the oldest of its kind.
It has over 100,000 free apps, shareware, and try-before-you-buy downloads. The editors normally rate and review the downloads, and the publisher usually provides a brief description of the program.

3. Ninite

I recently came across this website Ninite.com.I think it has a better,clean, and easy-to-use interface. The website shows you a list of programs to choose from, and you check the boxes next to each one. Then, by pressing the download button, you’ll get a custom installer file that contains all of the programs you’ve chosen, allowing you to install them all at once.

Although Ninite only has a few dozen applications, it includes several of the most common Windows programs, including Adobe Reader, VLC, CCleaner, Chrome, Zoom, LibreOffice, etc.


Softpedia is one of the most popular download sites, with over three billion downloads over the years. Every day, the most common apps are modified, ensuring that you have access to safe, malware-free software that is also as current as possible.

Furthermore, it has a user-friendly GUI that allows searching for programs on any platform a breeze. You can browse what’s been updated recently or use filters like categories, last updated, and cost to find what you’re looking for. You’ll find applications for Mac, Linux, and Android in addition to Windows.


Despite the fact that the site’s user interface appears to be from the stone age :-), MajorGeeks has long been one of the most reliable software download sites.

Its top download, Featured Software, Top Freeware Picks is a good place to start, but don’t be afraid to look through the left sidebar for other highly rated programs that you might find useful. Searching will help you find what you’re looking for if you don’t know what you’re looking for.

6.Download Crew

The brief but detailed descriptions on each app page on Download Crew’s website make it stand out. These are not simply copied and pasted from the vendor’s website but are written by actual users. You’ll discover what each app does, as well as its benefits and flaws.

The Featured Downloads section at the top is a good place to start. It also offers a diverse range of software license options, including Open Source, Trialware, and more. This allows you to get a better idea of what kind of free software you’re having.


FileHorse does not have a large software library. This blog, on the other hand, focuses on providing the latest and most valuable programs. Each product page includes screenshots, version compatibility, a changelog, links to previous versions, and more.

Since the homepage is divided into a limited range of categories, such as Video Apps and Cleaning and Tweaking, it’s also a good place to look for reliable alternatives to common software.


FilePuma has a straightforward user interface that emphasizes simplicity. Look for the app you’re looking for, or search the categories to discover something new. It’s simple to see what’s available because the categories have the most common resources right on the homepage.

There’s not much else on the product download page except old versions and screenshots. The only other notable feature is FilePuma’s Update Detector, which makes checking for and installing software updates on your PC easy. However, it is not available for Windows 10 at the time of writing, restricting its utility.

9.ZDNet Download

The Software Directory on ZDNet is the Internet’s largest collection of software downloads. ZDNet’s Software Directory is the best source for professional software, covering software for Windows, Mac, and mobile systems.

They’ve gone through a lot of updates in the past few years, and the site now has a larger range of apps than it did when it first launched. They have both Freeware and Shareware downloads on their website. One of the most reputable software download sites, ZDNet, lists the most common downloads right when you open the homepage.

10. Freewarefiles

As the name suggests, FreewareFiles is a website dedicated to Freeware software, with a range of Open Source programs mentioned. On their website, they have over 16,000 freeware programs available for download. The programs are organized into groups, making it simple to search and find the ones you want.

They keep on posting about the latest updates in the technology world.FreewareFiles, one of the most dependable software download sites, has excellent developer tools, games, and utility pages, antivirus, drivers, essential software, etc.


SnapFiles appears to be similar to many of the other download sites we’ve discussed, but it has a few unique features that make it worthwhile to investigate. One of these is the homepage’s Freeware Pick, which highlights a piece of software you may not be aware of. You’ll also find a Random Pick under More at the top of the list, which is perfect for exploration.