How to Optimize Productivity 2021

Let’s find out How to Optimize Productivity while working from Home.

Working from Home: How to Optimize Productivity

How to Optimize Productivity 2021

Millions of people around the world have been forced to switch to remote jobs due to COVID-19. They’ve had to deal with a new set of problems as a result of this, such as adapting to working outside of the workplace and finding work-life balance as the boundaries between their careers, homes, and families have blurred.

Despite these obstacles, studies have shown that a majority of remote employees were similarly, if not more, efficient throughout the pandemic, thanks to less distractions, reduced commuting, and greater job independence. When long-term remote work and work flexibility become more appealing to workers and viable to employers, it’s critical to remain inspired, stay productive, and prevent mental health problems and burnout when working from home.

When working remotely, here are the 8 tips on how to optimize productivity while working from home .

#Keep track of how much time you spend on projects and set time limits for yourself.

You might believe you’re pretty good at estimating how much time you spend on different tasks. However, according to some studies, only about 17% of people can correctly estimate the passing of time. Rescue Time, for example, will assist you by revealing how much time you spend on everyday activities such as social media, email, word processing, and applications.

You can use below tools to keep track of our time and projects

  • Everhour  Team availability can be viewed and managed with Everhour.
  • HourStack is a time visualization tool that allows you to see time in a new way.
  • RescueTime For eliminating disturbances, use RescueTime.
  • Toggl Track  For a free time tracking app, try Toggl Track.
  • Harvest is a tool for teams to keep track of their hours and expenditures.

#Create a Work-Life Routine that Allows Flexibility

When you work from home, maintaining a daily schedule will help you stay productive while also providing some separation, which can help you avoid the health, career, and family effects of burnout.

To begin, speak with your manager and see if they want to require employees to work core hours for scheduling and communication. This will help you figure out how many hours you need to work. For example, after talking with your boss about the problem, you may both agree that you need to be available to work and communicate with your team for at least four hours per day.
After that, think about your family situation and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you have kids who need to start school online or in person at a specific time?
  • Do you live with a partner or spouse who can share childcare responsibilities?
  • Are there any other factors influencing how much time you spend at work, such as elder care or getting your kids to school or daycare?

#Get Your Workspace More Comfortable

Create a physical space where you can concentrate and reflect on your work responsibilities. This work space may consist of a laptop, desk, and a family room chair, depending on your circumstances. Alternatively, you can discover that working in a corner of your bedroom or basement, or in an actual office if you have one, increases your productivity. Many people find that working at their kitchen or dining room table is beneficial. The best place for you to set up your “office” is wherever you feel most at ease.

#Don’t be fooled by the idea of perfection.

It’s typical for entrepreneurs to become fixated on perfecting a challenge when, in fact, nothing is ever perfect. Instead of wasting time chasing this illusion, complete your mission to the best of your ability and move on. It’s easier to finish the job and get it off your plate; you can always go back and tweak or change it later if necessary.

#Using Productivity-Boosting Techniques Working from a Remote Location

If you find yourself spending entire mornings reading endless emails and accomplishing nothing else, it’s time to consider the value of employing a few tried-and-true productivity techniques. These strategies will help you streamline your workflow and give you a sense of achievement if you work from home on a flexible schedule.

Make a list of action items: Write down 3-5 main things you want to do the next day at the end of each day. Choose the most appropriate thing and put it in the location where you can see it first the next day.
Concentrate on the most critical task: First and foremost, complete the most important mission. If you are unable to complete all other tasks throughout the day, you will have completed the most important one. Keep in mind that if anyone really needs you, they’ll send you a DM, text, or call, so don’t get too worked up over such urgent email messages.

Make use of directories and inboxes: To organize your inbox, use folders, marks, and multiple email addresses. All of the publications you want to read “someday” should go into a folder, ideally. Emails about shopping and other sales should never clog up your main inbox. It can only be used for work email and near family contact. Although it can take some time to set up an email filing system, the results can be extremely beneficial.

#Pay Close Attention to The Physical Requirements

On days when you have a lot of work to do, make sure you schedule time to relax and take a deep breath. When people work remotely, they have a tendency to blur the boundaries between work and home. The importance of dinner with the family cannot be overstated. If you’ve worked all day, evening time is also a good time. Every day at 8 p.m., you might want to have a family dinner.

Your physical well-being is also crucial. If you’re not feeling good, you’ll never be able to maximize productivity, stop burnout, or reap the advantages of working from home. Here are a few tips to help you stay on track with your health.

  • Every day, eat the same meals and exercise at the same time.
  • Make an effort to get the necessary health checks, and schedule telehealth appointments with your doctors.
  • Take a stroll, ride your horse, or go cross-country skiing. Regular exercise and exposure to fresh air are beneficial to your mental health and physical energy, both of which are critical for productivity.

#Keep in touch with your coworkers on a regular basis.

COVID-19 has had a significant impact on our lives. Many of us are confronted with difficulties that can be frustrating, daunting, and elicit intense emotions in both adults and children. Public health measures like social distancing are important to stop COVID-19 from spreading, but they can make us feel disconnected and depressed, as well as increase stress and anxiety.

If you start to feel lonely, consider forming a weekly remote support group with friends and coworkers who work from home as well. Make plans to meet via video conference on a regular basis and discuss how you’ve adapted to the new situation in creative ways.

For office work related tasks ,scheduling a Microsoft teams meeting instead of chatting over teams is a good option.

#Use the latest Updated technology

To help remote work, you’ll want to make sure that your programs and platforms are still up to date, and that your hardware, tablet, and other technology are all adaptable, up-to-date, and usable.

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