Windows 10 run commands

Windows 10 run commands can be a useful tool if you know the right keyboard shortcuts and commands. In this article, you will find a list of useful Windows 10 Run commands that will make your day-to-day task simpler.

Windows 10 Run Commands

The run command in Windows 10 can be a very useful tool that can help you save a lot of time. Windows users can easily navigate through the operating system’s maze of configuration screens by using a simple keyboard shortcut and a few keystrokes. Once you start using it on a regular basis you won’t even need to remember it , as it will come into your daily habit.

This tutorial will show you how to use basic Windows 10 run commands that every Windows user should be aware of and be able to use when necessary.

First and foremost, the most effective way to open the Run command dialog box is to press the Windows key + R keyboard shortcut.

The Windows key is a key in the bottom row of modern PC keyboards, next to the Left-Alt key, that is marked with the Windows logo.

You can also access the Run command by right-clicking the Start Menu button and selecting it from the drop-down menu.

When you open the Run command, you’ll be prompted with an easy entry box. you’ll enter your commands into the box, and press Enter. As shown in the below screenshot.

list of useful Windows 10 run commands.

1.How to open the Windows 10 drive (“\”)

If you want to quickly open the Windows 10 C drive .You can simply type backward slash “\” without quotes as shown in the below screenshot open the drive .

Use the command “\” without the quotes.

2. How to Open Control Panel (“control”)

In order to simplify the user interface, Windows 10 has consolidated many of the most popular configuration options into a section called Settings, which can be found as a Start Menu entry. While this is sufficient for several configuration configurations, there are occasions when the entire Windows 10 Control Panel folder must be loaded. Type “control” into the Run command box on those occasions.Check the below screenshot

3.How to Open Programs and Features (“appwiz.cpl”)

When you want to uninstall some program or feature. You simply type “appwiz.cpl” in the Run command box, without quotes to reach the Program and Features screen.

4.How to Open the Home directory of the current user (“.”)

To directly access the home folder of the current user .Just type “.” in the Run command box

5. How to Open System Configuration (“msconfig”)

The good old reliable command still works in the newer versions of Windows .By typing “msconfig,” you’ll get access to boot variations and the ability to block or prevent some services and applications from starting during the boot phase.

6.How to Open the Users folder (“..”)

To open the the users folder in Windows .Simply type “..” in the Run Box

Here is the list of Other Useful windows commands which you can use to quickly start various windows applications and features

  1. Notepad – notepad
  2. Paint – mspaint
  3. Sticky Notes – stikynot
  4. Internet Explorer – iexplore
  5. Snipping Tools – snippingtool
  6. Calculator – calc
  7. On screen Keyboard – osk
  8. Command Prompt – cmd
  9. WordPad – write
  10. Powershell – powershell
  11. Task manager – taskmgr

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