Ways to earn money without a job ( Easy Checklist)

Ways to earn money without a job

Ways to Earn Money without a job while you are Unemployed

In this article, we will discuss the ways to earn money without a job while being unemployed.

  • Although no one wishes to be unemployed, the fact is that you must work in order to survive. There are ways to make money even though you don’t have a large salary or limitless wealth.

But where do you start?

  • First, we need to remember that there’s no such thing as free money. You’re going to need money to do all the things listed below. But you’re going to also need to go out and earn some. And let’s say you’re totally new to the world of money. There’s no reason you can’t start by starting small.

Here are some simple ways to make money while you’re unemployed and to make money during the process of getting back into the workforce when you find a job.

Ways to earn money without a job

#Start a Youtube Channel

You can easily get information on how to set up and start a Youtube channel. Either on google search or Youtube itself. You can use your existing knowledge from your industry and start sharing that knowledge in the form of short 15-20 minutes videos.

You can use the mobile camera if you don’t have a professional DSLR. If you don’t want to face the camera then you can simply share your screen and record the session with open-source software like OBStudio, Davinci Resolve, etc.

If you keep on posting good content at least 33 videos. Youtube Algorithm will start promoting your content which will help you gain 1000 subscribers / 4000 watch hours in no time and you can monetize your channel through Youtube Ads.

#Start freelancing

  • Initially try to analyze your competitor profiles and see how they are selling their gigs. Offer your services to your clients at a lower price. Once your get some good reviews and feedback. You can increase your hourly rate.
  • Also, keep updating your knowledge and master your skills that will be relevant as per the market requirements. Attend some online courses in your field at Skillshare, Udemy, Coursera, etc

#Create an Online course

Create an online course in the area of your expertise and teach people what you already know. You can create a simple step-by-step course that is easy to follow on Skillshare, Teachable, or Thinkific which can generate some good revenue if you create awesome content.

#Start Narrating Audio Books

  • Audiobooks are an increasingly growing market for authors and publishers, and as a result, the demand for freelance narrators continues to increase.

This could be for you if you have a fantastic voice and some acting ability.

Check out Fiverr.com,Upwork.com,Seoclerks.com,acx.com and Freelancer.com.

  • While doing the above-listed activities to make money online, Keep on updating your Linkedin Profile. Reach out to people in your network for work. Update your Linkedin status as open to work. Be open to remote-jobs, part-time jobs which will help you to pay your bills.

#Start a Blog

While starting a blog will not immediately generate revenue. However, it can be a good passive source of income in the long run. You can start documenting your day-to-day work and share your knowledge in your blog. Start sharing your current learnings. You can also create a website for a specific niche.

How to start a Blog.

  • Get a Cheap Webhosting – Bluehost is good for beginners
  • Install a Free WordPress theme
  • Start writing and publish at least 3-4 articles in a week

To get some extra cash you can check out Sites that Will Pay You to Test out Websites

We hope this article on Ways to earn money without a job was helpful.

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