Cute Fonts on Google Docs(The Ultimate Guide)

In this article we have curated a list of Cute fonts on Google docs .

When it comes to creating documents that are delightful, whimsical, or simply adorable, choosing the right font can make all the difference.

Cute fonts have the power to infuse your text with charm, playfulness, and a touch of sweetness.

In this article, we will explore the best cute fonts available on Google Docs, allowing you to add a dash of cuteness to your projects, from invitations and greeting cards to school assignments and personal notes.

Cute Fonts on Google Docs

Here is our handpicked list of cute fons on Google docs

1.The Girl Next Door

2.Architects Daughter


4.Twinkle Star

5.Indie Flower

6.Gamja Flower


8.Annie Use Your Telescope


10.Swanky and Moo Moo

11.Hachi Maru Pop

12.Nothing You Could Do


15.Just Another Hand

16.Comic Sans MS:

Comic Sans MS is a widely recognized and beloved cute font. With its rounded letterforms and casual style, it exudes a friendly and approachable vibe, making it perfect for children’s content or informal notes.

17.KG Happy:

KG Happy is a delightful handwritten font that captures the essence of childlike innocence. Its uneven strokes and slightly imperfect letterforms give it a playful and whimsical feel.

18. Amatic SC:

Amatic SC is a charming and versatile font with a hand-drawn appearance. Its soft and curvy letterforms lend a touch of elegance to your text, making it suitable for invitations, labels, and creative projects.


Lobster is a popular font known for its script-like style and bold letterforms. It adds a touch of sophistication and playfulness, making it a great choice for headings or titles that need to stand out.


Quicksand is a rounded sans-serif font with a clean and modern look. Its gentle curves and soft edges give it a friendly and approachable demeanor, making it suitable for a wide range of cute designs.

21.Jolly Lodger:

Jolly Lodger is a font that radiates happiness and cheerfulness. Its rounded letterforms and bouncy appearance make it ideal for children’s books, party invitations, or anything that needs a dose of joy.

22.KG Primary Dots:

KG Primary Dots is a cute font that mimics primary school handwriting. Its dotted letterforms give it a playful and educational vibe, making it a great choice for educational materials or projects for young children.

23.Lemon Tuesday:

Lemon Tuesday is a whimsical and slightly quirky font that adds a touch of whimsy to your text. It’s irregular letterforms and uneven strokes create a sense of handmade charm.

24.Fredoka One:

Fredoka One is a bold and chunky font with rounded letterforms. Its friendly appearance and playful design make it suitable for titles, headings, and anything that needs a touch of cuteness.

25.Bubblegum Sans:

Bubblegum Sans is a bubbly and energetic font that exudes a youthful charm. Its rounded and slightly exaggerated letterforms make it perfect for designs targeting a younger audience.


Pacifico is a casual script font with a laid-back and carefree vibe. Its fluid letterforms and handwritten style add a touch of personalization and cuteness to any text.

28.Gochi Hand:

Gochi Hand is a cute font with a handwritten look. Its rounded and slightly chubby letterforms give it a playful and endearing quality, making it suitable for various cute-themed projects.

29.Crafty Girls:

Crafty Girls is a font that resembles hand-drawn lettering. Its imperfect lines and doodle-like elements create a fun and creative atmosphere, making it ideal for crafts, scrapbooking, and DIY projects.

30.Baby Boston:

Baby Boston is a cute and chubby font that captures the essence of baby talk and innocence. It’s chubby letterforms and rounded edges add an adorable touch to any text.

31.Kristen ITC:

Kristen ITC is a font with a handwritten appearance, characterized by its wavy and playful letterforms. It brings a sense of warmth and friendliness to your text, making it perfect for personal notes and casual designs.

Cute Fonts on Google Docs (Conclusion)

With these cute fonts available on Google Docs, you can bring an element of charm, playfulness, and cuteness to your documents.

Whether you’re working on a project for children, crafting personalized invitations, or simply want to add a touch of whimsy, these fonts will help your text shine with adorableness and delight.

We hope this article on Cute Fonts on Google Docs was useful.

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