How to use EDATE in google sheets( Quick & Easy Guide )

In this tutorial, we will learn How to use EDATE in google sheets.

To use EDATE function in Google Sheets you need to provide the first argument as the date in the function and specify a number that can be positive or negative. For example, when you specify a date with a positive number it will add months to the specified date, and with a negative number, it subtracts the date.

Let’s go through the steps in detail.

How to use EDATE in google sheets: Step by Step Guide

To use EDATE in google sheets follow the below steps:(Use EDATE function in Google Sheets).

How to use EDATE in Google Sheet.

Step 1: Open Google Sheets

Step 2: Prepare your data in Google Sheets.

In this example, we will be using the below dataset with Dates.

How to use EDATE in google sheets

Step 3: Now Click anywhere on the cell, for example, B2

Click on the cell where you need to show the outcome.

Step 4 : Now in the function area (fx) type “=EDATE” ,equals to followed by EDATE functionion

Step 5: Now press the tab key to get the open parenthesis “(“

Step 6: Now provide the first argument which is start_date

Simply click on cell A2 which will result in A2 as the first argument.

Step 7: Now provide the second argument separated by a comma which is months as per your requirement.

In this example, we have provided the number 7

Now press enter. It will now show you the outcome as shown below.

Step 8: Copy the function down the cells using autofill.

Simply confirm the auto-fill and google sheets will automatically apply the required down the cells.

This is how you can use the EDATE function in Google sheets.

EDATE function Syntax

=EDATE(start_date, months)

EDATE function Returns a date that is a specified number of months ahead of or behind another date.

  • start_date – The date from which the outcome will be calculated.
  • months – The number of months to compute before (negative) or after (positive) the start date.

Important things to remember while using the EDATE function

  • Make that the function’s start date parameter is either a cell reference to a date, a function that returns a date object like DATE, DATEVALUE, or TO DATE, or a date a serial number of the type returned by the N function. While Google Sheets automatically converts dates and times when a human-readable date is entered into a cell, functions only accept literal dates in numeric format.
  • EDATE does not automatically convert number formats when entered directly into cells as Google Sheets does. As a result, EDATE(10/10/2000,1) becomes EDATE(0.005,1), which is the quotient of 10 divided by 10 divided by 2000.
  • The decimal components of non-integer parameters to months will be truncated. As a result, EDATE(A2,2.6) is the same as EDATE (A2,2).

We hope this tutorial on How to use EDATE in google sheets was helpful.

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