Android 12 : New features in Android 12

Android 12 new features

Android 12 has a new user interface.

Android 12

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Google has introduced a new Material Design language for Android 12, called Material You, which is a complete redesign of the operating system’s user interface.

The current beta version includes more rounded buttons, more color options, smoother motion and animations, and other improvements.

Color extraction, as the company calls it, is a feature in which you can select a wallpaper and the system will automatically apply the dominant, complementary, and best-looking colors from it to the rest of the UI, including the notification shade, lock screen, and volume controls.

As a result, everything is much more unified this time, which Google was keen to emphasize. Previously, the color scheme and even the fonts would appear mismatched, but in Android 12, everything has been redesigned to look as unified as possible.

By the end of the year, this customizable theme will also be available in Google’s web apps.

Widgets have also been redesigned, and they now have a more rounded appearance. Because iOS 14 featured widgets last year, it only made sense for Android 12 to see a redesign in this area as well, where its appearance will match the color extraction you’ve chosen.

The Quick Settings panel has also been updated, with Google Pay and smart home controls now available.

Personaization : UX Theming Based on Wallpaper

The new wallpaper-based UX theming engine in Android 12 works in tandem with Material You.

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The colors used in the phone’s current wallpaper are now used to automatically select a set of correlative color palettes across the system UI in Android 12. Colors will be applied consistently across elements such as the lockscreen, quick settings, notifications panel, and even the newly added adaptive widgets.

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Beginning with Android 12 on Pixel devices, you will be able to completely customize your phone with a custom color palette and redesigned widgets. You select your wallpaper using color extraction, and the system automatically determines which colors are dominant, which are complementary, and which simply look great. It then applies those colors to the entire operating system, including the notification shade, lock screen, volume controls, new widgets, and much more.

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Animations and Fluid motion

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When you pick up an Android 12 device, you’ll notice how it comes to life with every tap, swipe, and scroll. Your phone responds to your touch quickly, with smooth motion and animations. For example, when you dismiss your notifications on the lock screen, your clock will enlarge to let you know when you’ve finished catching up.

System spaces are Redesigned

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Some of your phone’s most important areas, such as the notification shade, quick settings, and even the power button, have been purposefully redesigned to help you get things done.

Privacy and Security

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Android 12 introduces new features that provide greater transparency into which apps are accessing your data, as well as more controls to allow you to make informed decisions about how much private information your apps can access.

The new Privacy Dashboard provides a unified view of your permissions settings, as well as what data is accessed, how frequently, and by which apps. It also allows you to revoke app permissions directly from the dashboard.

Other features

  • The power button will now bring up Google Assistant when held down, making it much easier to summon the service for a query when needed.
  • In addition, a new feature known as Car Key allows you to unlock your compatible smart car with your phone. You will be able to unlock, lock, and even start the engine using your smartphone.
  • It employs UWB (ultra-wideband) technology, which means you can walk up to your car and it will unlock without you having to remove your phone.
  • A new built-in remote is also included in Android 12, so if you have an Android-powered TV or simply a Chromecast, you can use your phone to browse through your favorite shows.
  • Google’s password manager is being redesigned as well, with cross-platform integration across your Google apps and devices.
  • In a nod to its rival, Google is also touting improved support for third-party app stores.

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