Chrome latest version, Google Chrome 90

Chrome Update 90 is the Google Chrome latest version which was released on April 14, 2021

Chrome latest version,Google Chrome 90

New features in Chrome 90 have been rolled out with a lot of exciting new features.

Chrome 90 adds new window management software, a much-needed patch for the Reading List, and a slew of under-the-hood upgrades. Chrome browsers on Windows, Mac, and Linux are now receiving the update.

Chrome 90 has been updated to provide “Hardware-enforced Stack Protection,” a new Windows 10 security feature that protects the memory stack from attackers.

Microsoft previewed Hardware-enforced Stack Protection in March 2020, which is designed to protect against return-oriented programming (ROP) malware attacks by using CPU hardware to protect an application’s code while it is running inside CPU memory.

Chrome latest version: List of new features.

#HTTPS is now the default Protocol

By default, Chrome 90 can try to load websites over HTTPS. This means you’ll have more protection and faster site loading times. HTTPS is also used for the vast majority of websites. Chrome will also attempt to load HTTPS, but if it isn’t allowed, it will fall back to HTTP.

That does not seem to be a big deal. What difference does it make if most websites already support HTTPS? This update means that you will still be using HTTPS even though you press or type an old URL.

#Provide specific name to chrome Windows

If you have a lot of Chrome windows open, you can use a new function to organize them. Chrome 90 now allows you to call your windows. These names appear in the taskbar as well as in the task view.

The function can be accessed by right-clicking the window title bar or going to the “More Tools” tab. A text box will appear, where you can give the window a name. On the desktop, this is available for Chrome.

#Built-in AV1 Support for Optimized Video Calls

Since video conferencing is so common these days, Chrome is working to improve it. The AV1 Encoder, which uses the WebRTC format and is designed for video calling, is now supported in Chrome 90 on the desktop.

And with poor data links, this means improved video quality and less bandwidth consumption for you. Of course, providers must use the codec in order for you to benefit from these enhancements, so don’t expect them to appear overnight.

# Reading list can be hidden without a Flag

The Chrome 90 update also includes a new feature that allows users to hide the Reading List without using any Chrome flags. When you right-click on the Bookmark Bar at the top, the new “Show Reading List” option appears at the bottom of the menu list. To hide the Reading List tab on the Bookmark Bar, simply uncheck the choice.

# Other Features

  • New Lite mode: Aside from these features, the most recent Chrome update also includes a new Lite Mode, which reduces the effective bitrate of videos when using cellular data.
  • WebXR Depth-Sensing API allows websites that provide augmented reality experiences to determine the distance between a Chrome device and real-world objects.
  • Shadow DOM: Shadow roots can now be generated entirely with HTML in Chrome 90.
  • Support for Intel’s Control-Flow Enforcement Technology (CET) on compatible devices, as well as a new version 9.0 of the V8 Javascript engine.
  • Core Web Vitals: A new overlay will help developers better visualize and quantify page results.

To check and install the new update. Click the menu > Help > About Google Chrome to search for the available updates.

Official Google Chrome Download Link : Google Chrome

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