How to Create a Dot plot in Google Sheets(Quick & Easy Guide)

This article will explain How to Create a dot plot in Google Sheets.

A dot plot is a particular kind of graph that enables you to see the points on a scatter plot as belonging to four different quadrants.

How to Create a dot plot in Google Sheets: Step-By-Step Guide

Enclosed are the steps to Create a dot plot in Google Sheets

Step 1: Open Google Sheets and prepare your data set

As a first step, we will need a data set for which we can create a dot plot

In this example, we have a survey result for the Question “How long does it take to eat lunch”

Step 2: Sequence your data into an Array

Now to create a dot plot we need to turn our data in an array of sequential numbers for which we will use the SEQUENCE function

We will use the following formula to do so :

Select the cell and type the below formula in the fx function area and press enter(adjust the formula as per your dataset)


It will generate the following sequence of an array :

Step 2: Insert a Chart

  • Select the new dataset with the Sequence of arrays as shown below.
  • Now Click on the Insert menu and Select Chart from the drop-down


Google Sheets will automatically generate a Column Chart for the Selected data as shown below

Step 3: Change the Chart type

Once you click on Insert->Chart. A Chart editor screen will pop up on the right side of your Google Sheets.

  • Click on the down arrow in front of Column Chart under Chart type
  • Now scroll down and Select Scatter Chart from the suggested Charts

This will generate a dot plot as shown below.

Step 4: Set the Legend to None

In order to create a true dot plot we need to further customize it.

Click on the Customize tab and Expand the option Legend

Now under Position choose from the available options and set it to NONE

Step 5: Add a title to the Horizontal and vertical axis

Now we just need to provide a title for the horizontal and vertical taxis tile. To specify a title go to Chat and axis titles under Customize.

Now Select “Vertical axis title” and specify your title in the “Title text” section.

Similarly, Select “Horizontal axis title” and specify your title in the “Title text” section.

Now we have a true dot plot created in Google Sheets.

How to Create a dot plot in Google Sheets(Conclusion)

In the above tutorial, we have shown you a step-by-step guide using which you can create a dot plot in Google Sheets.

We hope this tutorial on How to Create a dot plot in Google Sheets was helpful.

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