How to Search in Notion : Easy Guide 2021

Whenever we use any productivity tool where we take notes, create personal planners and store all kinds of other information, it’s very much important to find that information efficiently. Let’s find out how to Search in Notion so that we can find what we are looking for immediately.

Below are the steps to search in notion :

  • Open Notion
  • Navigate to the “Quick Find” option.
  • Click on the Quick find option.
  • Start typing your query in the search box.
  • Sort the search results by clicking on the “Sort” drop down button below the search area
  • Add filters” as your requirement.
  • Select the best matching result for your search.

How to Search in Notion : Step by Step Guide

On Desktop

Step 1: Open Notion

Your Notion User-interface will look like the below screen.

How to Search in Notion

Step 2: Navigate to the “Quick Find” option

Navigate to the top left of Notion where you will “Quick Find”.

You can also use keyboards shortcuts to open the Quick find search option in Windows and Mac as shown below :

Windows: CTRL+B

Mac : Cmd+B

Step 3: Click on the Quick find option.

Once you click on the “Quick Find” option it will open a search box as shown in the below screenshot

Step 4: Start typing your query in the search box

The searched information will start to pop up in the auto-suggest area below the search box and you will be able to find the required information.

Adjust the sorting option as per your need. “Best matches” are the default option.

In notion, you can sort the search results based on following sort options:

  • Best matches : The results that are the most relevant will be displayed first. Pages that have recently been modified appear higher on the list, and page names are given far more weight than page contents.
  • Last edited: Newest first : Displays information in your workspace that has been recently edited by you or someone else.
  • Last edited: Oldest first :Displays information in your workspace that has been recently edited by you or someone else.
  • Created: Newest first : Displays the most recently created content first.
  • Created: Oldest first : Displays information that was created most recently.

Sort your search results based on sorting criteria

At the upper left of the Quick Find window, after you’ve searched for something, you’ll notice the option to sort. To reveal these sorting options, click the dropdown menu:

On mobile

At the lower left, tap the search icon . This will bring up the search box, where you may type in a query or tap to go to a recently visited website or retrieve a recent search.

You can also add a filter to your search .

How to filter your search results

If you want to search a specific term and want to narrow down the search .You can use the option “Add filters” which provides an additional search functionality based on specified criteria .

Using Add filters you can search based on following options under “Quick filters” :

  • Only match titles
  • Created by me
  • Edited last week
  • In current page

Filter using “Only match titles”

Quick Find will only show you results if your search word matches the title of a page if you choose this option. Any content contained within a page will be ignored.

Filter using “Created by me”

“Created by me” filter limits your search results to only stuff you’ve generated.

Filter using “Edited Last Week”

“Edited last week” limits your search results to information that has been changed in the last seven days .

Filter using ” In current page “

In current page will show you the search results only from from the current page .

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