How to Duplicate a Notion Page: In 2 Easy Steps

In this tutorial, we will see, How to duplicate a Notion.

Whenever you want to replicate your existing notion template for Goal planner, budget planner, etc. Notion’s duplicate feature can be really useful which helps you to duplicate a page within seconds.

Below are the brief steps on How to duplicate a notion page.

  • Open Notion and identify the Page for duplication
  • Go to the left hand Panel and open the page which needs to be duplicated
  • Move your mouse in front of the Page
  • Click on the three dots.
  • Select duplicate from the drop down options.

How to duplicate a Notion Page : Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Open Notion

Open the Notion page which you want to duplicate. Hover over your mouse to the left-hand side panel of Notion and identify the page which needs to be duplicated.

How to duplicate a notion page

In this tutorial, we will duplicate Personal Budget Page. You can find your page on the left-hand side of Notion.

Step 2 : Move your mouse in front of the Page which your want to duplicate .

You will see three dots, click on the dots

Once you click on the three dots, you will get the various options as shown below.

Select Duplicate.

As another option, you can also use keyboard shortcuts to duplicate an existing Notion page or template.

Simply click on the page and use the below-provided keyboard shortcuts.

Windows: CTRL+D

Mac: CMD+D

You will now see a duplicate version of your existing Notion page. We hope this tutorial was helpful.

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