How to Highlight in Notion: 2 Easy Methods

In this tutorial, we will find out How to highlight in Notion.

Whenever we take notes for a subject and want to remember the key points in our notes. We either underline the important text or Highlight the text so that we can remember the key points.

It can be really useful just a few hours before the exam when you want to revise the key points. It will help you scan through the entire page quickly.

A brief overview of steps on How to Highlight text in Notion.

  • Open Notion Page
  • Identify text which needs to be highlighted.
  • Use any of the two methods to highlight text or change backgroud color
    • Use forward Slash “/” method : type “/color” without quotes infront of the text to highlight text.To change background coloe type “/color background.
    • Using text formatting menu : Select text to highlight and click on drop down options under letter A
  • Your desired text will be highlighted and background color will be changed.

How to Highlight in Notion : Step-by-Step Guide

Using the forward slash “/” Method

Step 1: Open the Notion page

If you want to highlight a complete paragraph, the forward-slash method can be really handy.

How to highlight in Notion

Step 2: Place the cursor to the start of the text paragraph or at the end of the paragraph and type forward “/” followed by the required color and you will get an auto-suggest drop down from which you can select the background color


Let’s highlight the text in Blue.Select Blue

Now your text will be highlighted in Blue color.

You can also type the complete color name and the word background like this without quotes.

/green background “

For example: If I want to have a green background.

I will type “/green ” and as you can see below auto-suggest pops-up 🙂

Step 3: Select your desired color

Your paragraph with text will now be highlighted with the selected color.

The available color options are:

  • Default – Black
  • Gray
  • Brown
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Purple
  • Pink
  • Red

Highlighting using the formatting menu

Step 1: Open Notion and identify the text which you want to Highlight

Step 2: Select the text which needs to be highlighted.As soon as you select the text you will see a formatting menu popping up as shown below

Step 3: Click on the down symbol in front of the letter “A” as shown below.

Step 4: Now you will get the option to Highlight text with the desired color and change the background color.

Highlighting text with Orange Color. As you can see below the text is highlighted as Orange

We hope this tutorial will you to Highlight text in Notion.

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