How to Add Emoji in Notion: Essential Guide 2021(Easy to follow)

In this tutorial we will show you How to Add Emoji in Notion

High level overview of steps you need to follow :

  1. Open Notion
  2. Position the cursor on the Notion page where you want to add emoji
  3. Type forward slash with the word emoji “/emoji”
  4. Select the emoji which you want to add.
  5. Your desired emoji will be visible on the Notion Page

Emojis are the latest trend in the world of social media. You can find them on Instagram, Facebook, and even in text messages. They’re popular because they show your mood or give your opinion without actually saying anything at all.

With the popularity of emojis on the rise, people are looking for ways to integrate them into their daily lives. One way is to use them in an email or text message. You can also use emojis as part of your social media posts or comments, or send a GIF or sticker that includes an emoji.

But How to Add Emoji in Notion? Here’s how to get started!

STEP BY STEP GUIDE : How to Add Emoji in Notion

How to Add Emoji in Notion

Here is our detailed guide on How to Add Emoji in Notion :

#How to add emoji in Text

Step 1: Open Notion

Step 2: Position the cursor on the Notion page where you want to add emoji

For example, if you want to add emojis after the word everyone, position the cursor after the word everyone.

Step 3: Type forward slash following the word emoji “/emoji” and click on Emoji as shown in the below screenshot

Step 4: Select the emoji which you want to add.

Your desired emoji is added to your Notion Page.

You can also use the shortcut to add emoji to your notion page. Simply type : (colon) and then letter e which will bring the emoji option in the dropdown.

You can also type the complete word for example if you want to add cake type “: cake” without quotes

#How to add emoji over title

Step 1: When you open a new Untitled page. You will see add icon option on top of it.

Once you click on add icon, you will get a random icon

Step 2: To change the random icon, click on the icon

Now you can select the emoji or icon as per your need.

#How to add a cover into Notion Page

Notion covers are colorful images that you can use to customize your workspace in Notion. It is similar to the Youtube Channel cover page or Facebook page. It enhances the overall look and feel of your Notion page and provides a professional look.

Step 1: Above the Notion page title select add cover

Once you click on Add cover. You get a random cover page.

Step 2: To change the Random Cover, go to “Change Cover ” on the top right-hand side of the cover page as shown below.

Now you can upload an image from the provided gallery.

You can also upload your own image from upload image.

If you have a third party image link, you can upload that with the link option

There is also an option to upload images from Unsplash

#How to import third party icons in Notion

Notion provides a limited number of icons that can be used on a Notion page. However, a lot of tools provide the functionality to download icons for Notion which can be imported into a Notion Page.

Some of the tools which you can use are :


It has more than 2300 icons . To get the icon, simply click on any icon and the icon link will be copied to the clipboard.

You can paste this link in the change cover -> Link option. provided beautiful icons for pinterest,twitter,reddit,Linkedin.You will find the icons for all the major brands here.

Simply copy the URL and paste it as a link into your Notion Page

3. Flaticon

Flaticon is another tool to add funky and cool icons to your Notion Page.

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