Is It Better To Study Before or After Eating? New Research Reveals The Answer

Is It Better To Study Before or After Eating

What is the best to study ? Is It Better To Study Before or After Eating ? .Lets find out .

Study before or after eating : Find the Answers below.

Why do people study before eating?

You might have the habit of rushing to eat when you get back home from school or college.

Most of you eat less and fast because you are hungry.

That’s why you don’t have time to choose what you want to eat.

‘Eat when you are hungry and don’t study’ is the mantra of most students.

The result is you skip breakfast and only get hungry when it’s 2 pm or 3 pm.

That’s when you take a break and eat lunch.

In the mean time, you eat too much in one go and you end up consuming too many calories and you end up losing your energy.

You may even end up burning extra calories by lying on your bed for hours and lying there watching TV or playing video games.

By studying while your stomach is full, you may end up making the process of learning more challenging.

Should you eat before studying?

How to get the right amount of calories for studying ?

The Science Of Brain Eating Bacteria

  • A team of researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison looked into whether the composition of your microbiome (the collection of microorganisms living in and on your body) determines your brain function.
  • The researchers studied four groups of individuals and one of them was asked to avoid eating for 12 hours.
  • The results showed that eating reduced the activity of alpha brain waves. In other words, food slows your brain down.

Their findings showed that:

  • Participants who fasted had significantly decreased Alpha Wave activity
  • Participants who consumed a typical meal had higher activity levels
  • Interestingly, the group that ate a large meal had the lowest levels of activity.

Social and environmental factors

  • The right environment is crucial to maximise the learning potential of any environment. When studying, our brain produces a cocktail of chemicals that it requires to store the information learnt in the brain.
  • The foods we eat can influence these chemicals and make them more or less likely to be converted into brain chemicals.
  • The absence of a nutrient or some important compound in the diet can affect the production of chemicals that contribute to learning. When studying, the majority of people will choose to eat early in the morning before they start studying.
  • Many of the brain chemicals required for successful learning are produced in the brain during the pre-sleeping period (90 min to 2 h), so some research indicates that you should avoid having a big meal before sleeping.

Should you eat after studying?

An article on the Web site of The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston stated that the time of the meal doesn’t matter.

The Best Way To Study

Studies Show that after eating people are less likely to learn and work harder than after a healthy lunch.

A healthy lunch can be a complete meal made of whole grains, lean proteins, and/or healthy fats.

For this research, researchers interviewed students as they were eating and found that students studying with unhealthy food is better than students studying with healthy foods.

  • The students were free to eat anything they want in the study.
  • The students who ate healthy food showed higher attention skills and more focus.
  • The study also found that students who study with a healthy food are more likely to get better grades.
  • Here are the top healthy foods you can eat to stay focused and perform better in your studies.


Are you tired of having zero sleep, always being hungry and having no energy to study? Well, the good news is that, researchers have found the most effective times to study.

By learning the schedule of a student, we can now know the best time to study in order to finish at a good speed. If you need a study schedule to fill in a B-school application form, then your answer is, wake up earlier than the other students. However, students who are used to sleeping early may still not be able to adjust to the study schedule.

So, they will have to study late in order to finish the task on time. The students who are naturally not good at making time for studying are the ones who will have to study during the night time.

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