How to Sum a Column in Notion: 5 Step Easy Guide

In this tutorial, we will show you How to Sum a Column in Notion.

Step by Step Guide : How to Sum a Column in Notion

Follow the below steps

Step 1: Open the Notion table or database where you need to Sum a Column

In this example, we will sum a column for the Projected Monthly Spend.

How to Sum a Column in Notion

Step 2: Identify the column for which you need a Sum

Step 3: Move your mouse to the bottom of the column where you need Sum.

Step 4: Click on the Calculate drop-down menu which open will open a list of actions that can be performed on the column.

Step 5: Select the sum option from the drop-down menu.

Once you select the sum function, you will also get to see a preview of the sum as shown below.

At the bottom of the Column, you will get the sum of all the values in the Column.

In our example the sum of Projected Monthly Spend.

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