“Rate Limit Reached in Notion”: What does it mean? [ 2021]

“Rate limit reached in Notion” Have you come across this error ?

Let’s find out what exactly it means.

Rate Limit Reached in Notion

Generally, the rate limit reached errors are related to incoming requests limit set by Notion specific to developers who query the Notion database via an API.

  • However, you might receive the “Rate limit reached” error if you are using Notion Templates.
  • “Rate limit reached ” means that you cannot send any further requests no matter how many times your try because Notion has set a 20,000 limit for the amount of blocks which can be duplicated in an hour.
  • For a normal notion user, it cannot be an issue, it can only be a problem if you are working with Notion database-related activities such as cloning a Notion database from the external source or withing your own workspace.
  • Notion’s official documentation doesn’t provide a detailed information about this error apart from the hourly reset. A lot of users came across this error which was discussed in the Notion Reddit community.

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