How to set up notion weather widget: Easy Guide

In this tutorial, we will learn, how to set up Notion weather widget.

You can easily embed the weather widget provided by various third-party widget providers in a matter of a few seconds on Notion. You do not need to download and install any third-party software as well.

There are some really third-party tools available that can help you to easily add widgets to a Notion page or dashboard. One such tool is the Widgetbox, however, creating and adding a weather widget is not free with Widgetbox.

The best free options available are Indify and meteoblue

So how to set up notion weather widget? Let’s find out.

How to set up notion weather widget : Step by Step Guide

Using Indify Weather Widget

Step 1: Get the Weather widget Embed link.

  • Sign up at Indify with your email address.
  • After your email verification logon to Indify.
  • Under Explore widget go to Weather Widget

Click on Create Widget

  • Weather widget will be generated and you will taken to a new screen as shown below.
  • Copy the embed link by clicking on the copy link button on the left bottom corner of the screen.
set up notion weather widget

Using the Indify dashboard you can customize your weather location, Preferred units, and Number of Days

Step 2: Open Notion

Open Notion and go to the Notion page where you need to embed the widget.

  • In the text, area type forward slash embed as following “/embed” without quotes.
  • From the drop-down select embed.
set up notion weather widget
  • A new window will open which will ask you for the link.
  • Paste the previously copied weather widget link from indify and click on Embed Link

Adjust the size of the widget to fit into the page by dragging the resizer at the corners.

Weather Widget has been set up using Indify.

Using meteoblue Weather widget

Step 1: Copy the weather widget HTML link.

Go to meteoblue and open the weather widget link.

Direct Weather widget link:

Once you open the above link, you will get a page as shown below.

You can customize the location with the location search option.

You can also customize the days, Temperature unit, Wind speed unit, and Background as per your need

You will see an HTML link at the bottom of the page.

Copy the source HTTPS link which starts after src=” under HTML

  • Try to open the link in a new browser tab to test the link.
  • You will get a screen as shown below.

Step 2: Open the Notion Page where you need to insert the widget.

Type “/embed” in the text area and select embed from the drop-down.

  • Paste the meteoblue weather widget HTML link which we previously copied in the Embed link area.
  • Click on Embed Link.

Resize the widget using the resizer at the corner of the widget.

Meteoblue weather widget has been set up using the meteoblue weather widget HTML link.

How to create your own weather widget for Notion homepage or dashboard.

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Customize your widget

Customize your weather widget based on location, format, content, and style.

Step 3: Generate the widget code.

  • Provide your email address if you wish to receive future updates from
  • Under the option Your Widget can be select “An image”
  • Click on “Generate code

Copy the generated code.

  • Open your Notion page or dashboard where you want to see your Weather Widget.
  • In the text area type “/embed”
  • From the dropdown select Embed
Paste the link which we copied in the Embed link area

Click on Embed Link

Your weather widget will be visible on your Notion Page. Adjust the size as per your need.

We hope you find this tutorial on How to set up notion weather widget helpful.

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