The Ultimate Guide to Google Calendar 2021

Guide to Google Calendar : All you need to know

First and foremost

What exactly is google Calendar ?

Google Calendar is a Google time-management and scheduling calendar service. On the web and as mobile apps for the Android and iOS platforms.

Users can create and edit events in Google Calendar. Reminders for events can be activated. Other users can be invited to events, and event locations can be added.

You just need to sign in to your Google Gmail account to use the calendar either on your smartphone or laptop.

Guide to Google Calendar

How to use Google Calendar ?

Below guide to google calendar provides you a step-by-step guide on How to use Google Calendar

You can access google calendar via

If you are already signed in to your Gmail account you will be automatically redirected to the google calendar else you need to first log on to your Gmail account. ( Create a Gmail account if you don’t have it )

If you logged in to your Gmail account, you can click on the top-right icon as shown in the picture below. Here you can find the google calendar icon marked in the red rectangle.

Google calendar is also available as a mobile app which is generally available by default in android.

Google Calendar app on Playstore

For iOS, you can download the app from the Apple app store.

Google Calendar app on Apple App store

  • In google calendar, you get the option to create an event, task, and reminder which are the most used features of Google calendar.
  • You can create a birthday reminder for your family and friends so that you can wish everyone on time and don’t miss anyone’s birthday.
  • You can create an event for example scheduled meeting or also set it as a reminder.
  • You can also set a task reminder which you want to get it done on a particular day.

How you can create an event in Google calendar?

To create either an event, task, or reminder. Simply click on the plus icon as shown below

Above you can mention the title followed by a specific date and time.
Click on save.

Once you click on save you will find an entry in the calendar as shown below.

You can also change this event to a recurring event as shown below

  1. Double click and open the event which we created

2. Select the drop-down button in front of does not repeat

3. As per your requirement you can change it to daily, weekly, Monthly, Annually, or custom.

How you can create a task in Google Calendar ?

  1. Click on create with plus icon as shown in the figure below .

2. Provide a title and description of the task and click on the Save button.

Now you can see the task created on your calendar as shown below

How you can create a reminder in Google Calendar ?

  1. Click on create with plus icon as shown in the figure below .
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-8.png

2. Specify the Reminder title and custom as per your need. You can select the drop-down button in front of Does not repeat to customize.

You can also select the “All day” check box if you want the reminder to notify all day at your specified interval.

How to delete an Event Task or Reminder in Google Calendar

  1. To delete an event ,task or reminder .Simply open the task,event or reminder which you want to delete.
  2. Click on more actions and select delete.

3. You will get a message as shown below. You can also undo the deletion with undo option.

How to add attachment to your Google Calendar event ?

Google Calendar provides you the option to either upload files from google drive or from your local PC while creating an event.

  • Follow the below steps to add an attachment to your Google Calendar.
  1. Open the event on you Google Calendar and click on attachments as shown below.

3. If you want to upload the file from your local PC select the Upload option.

To upload the files from your local PC simply drag and drop the files or use the option Select files from your device.

How to send an invite in google calendar ?

If you want to send an invite to your family friends or colleagues for an event that you have previously created or a new event.

Please follow the steps :

  1. Create a new event or open an existing one and click on add guests.

2. Under add guests mention the email address of the person you want to invite and click on save.

How to add google meet video conferencing in Google calendar ?

  1. After creating the event and adding guests ,click on “Add Google Meet video conferencing button.

2. After specifying the names of the guests you want to invite click on the save button.

An invite will be sent to the guests with google meet link to join .

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