How to make a Google form link : Step by Step Guide

Tutorial on How to make a Google form link

Below tutorial will guide with steps on how to make a google form link

Create a new survey or quiz with Google form.

1.Visit the link and Click Go to Google forms

2. Here you can either use the google provided Templates for Contact Information page, RSVP, Party Invite, T-Shirt Sign up as per your requirement.

You can also choose a Blank form to create your own custom form.

3. To start a new form click on the + icon .

4. Provide the title for your form along with the question and Multiple choice as per your need.

Click on the down arrow sign infront of Multiple Choice to change it to Short answer ,Paragraph,Check Boxes or drop down.

Example form :

5. To add more questions click on the plus icon as shown below

6. To preview the form select the preview option on the top right on your form .

7. Customize you form Header image and theme color

Click on Customize theme option on top right on your form beside the preview icon.

Under theme options you can customize the header image,change the theme colour ,background colour and Font Style.

Click on Choose image to select an image from themes provided by google or upload your own image .

Below example shows how the image was selectec and then inserted into the form

Form preview

How to Share the form link with end users .

Once your form is ready and you want to share it with end users .Follow the below methods to share the link

Method 1 : Click on the preview icon which which open the form in a new tab .

Share the viewform link

Method 2 . Click on the Send option on top right of your form .

Here you get the link which can share with the end users .You can also shorten the url.

How to create a google form link with Google Drive.

A Google Form is saved in Google Drive when you create it. To create a form directly from Google Drive, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to on a computer.
  • Click New in the upper left corner, followed by Google Forms.

How to create a google form with Google Sheets .

When you create a form in Google Sheets, the responses are saved in a separate sheet. Find out where you can save responses.

  • Open a spreadsheet on a computer by going to
  • Insert is the first option, followed by Form.
  • In your spreadsheet, a new sheet will appear, and your form will open.

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