What is pageless format in google docs(Quick & Easy Guide)

In this article, we will discuss the new Pageless format in Google docs

Whether you need to print a document or insert an image or a table. The pageless format can help you with all such activities in Google docs.

What is Pageless format in google docs?

  • Using Pageless format you can set up continuous scrolls in the default view without the page breaks. Once you use the Pageless format Images will resize to fit your screen, and you may make large tables and scroll left and right to see them.
  • If you try to zoom in or Zoom out in the document the line breaks will also adjust to your screen size.

The pageless format will not display watermarks, Headers, or footers. Also, there is no option to add footnotes, page numbers, or columns. If you need to use the above-mentioned features you need to switch back to Pages Format.

How to use Pageless Format in Google docs

To use and switch to a Pageless Format in Google docs follow the below steps.

Step 1: Go to the Main menu bar and click on the File menu Select Page Setup

File > Page Setup

pageless format in google docs

Step 2: Select Pageless from the Page setup screen.

  • Once you select Page Setup from the File menu drop-down. A Page Setup screen will pop up.
  • Switch and Select Pageless Tag.

Step 3: After switching to Pageless Tab, Click on OK

Once you switch to the Pageless tab you will get a brief description of the Pageless format and an option to change the background color as per your need.

How to Print a Pageless format document

Google’s main intention behind creating the Pageless format is to easily collaborate and Share in a Hybrid work environment as compared to the traditional Page format.

However, you can also print a document in Pageless format.Google docs will adjust the selected document elements before printing as shown below

In case the elements in your document are wider and cannot be accommodated in the regular default Google docs format. You can try to use the Pageless format.

How to Change the Text width using Pageless Format

Using the Pageless format you can also adjust the width of your text in the document. Using the Pageless format gives you the freedom to keep the original formatting and use the full width on Google docs.

To Change the Text width using Pageless Format follow the below steps:

  • Go to View Menu
  • Now Select Text Width from the available options
  • Under Text Width, you can select the desired width for example Medium or Wide

Pageless format in google docs (Summary)

We hope this article on Pageless format in Google docs was helpful.

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