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Here is our list of Best google addons and extensions

#Video DownloadHelper

There are numerous Chrome extensions that allow you to download video—but not from YouTube. That would be a violation of Google’s policies. You can get around this by installing a Chrome extension like this one on the side. It supports a large number of websites, including some of the more adult variety.

#Zoom Scheduler

We’re all a little too reliant on Zoom Meetings to get by, so make it easier than ever by putting Zoom in the browser toolbar for scheduling meetings or instantly starting a meeting. The meeting URL is instantly shared with participants via Google Calender.

#Picture-in-Picture Extension

This one is from Google and works particularly well with YouTube, but also with some other video sites. When you click the icon, the video you’re watching shrinks to a thumbnail that you can move around the screen while doing other “work” in the browser. Simply keep the original video tab open to prevent the stream from closing.

#Magic Actions for YouTube

Magic Actions transforms YouTube videos into beautiful, customizable works of art. Among other fantastic options, use your mouse wheel to control volume, select HD or cinema mode (with darkened background), go into the HD mode of your choice automatically, and turn off auto-play as desired. It even hides ads in videos and, best of all, hides the comments, where trolls gather.


This donation extension ensures that money is donated to a charity whenever you use your PC to stream video from services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu.

#Invideo for YouTube

Have you ever forgotten where you were in a YouTube video, but you remember clearly what was going on? Search for that spot with Invideo—type in what was said, and it will search the closed-captions to get you to the right part.


Turn your new tab into a full dashboard with all the extras you can imagine, pushing you to new levels of productivity. Ultidash builds in a to-do list, a site blocker with a Pomodoro Timer, integration with tools like Google Calendar and Gmail, and analytics about your work habits and sites visited.


Lots of open tabs can be a problem; xTab prevents you from opening up too many tabs by setting a tab limit, then killing off the oldest or least accessed tab that’s already open—thus retraining your brain to be judicious when opening them.


Turn your new tab into a full dashboard with all the extras you can think of, pushing you to new heights of productivity. Ultidash incorporates a to-do list, a site blocker with a Pomodoro Timer, integration with tools such as Google Calendar and Gmail, and analytics on your work habits and sites visited.


Many open tabs can be a problem; xTab prevents you from opening too many tabs by setting a tab limit, then killing off the oldest or least accessed tab that’s already open—thus retraining your brain to be more selective when opening them.


Don’t keep re-opening the same tabs every day. Toby can help you organize them so that when you open a new tab, you can choose to open them all.


You simply have too many tabs open at times. When the number of tabs in Chrome exceeds 20, the interface becomes nearly impossible to use. This extension manages overflow by giving you a bird’s-eye view of all open tabs. It can search and sort the open tabs by domain, title, or creation time.

#Tabs Outliner

Tabs Outliner displays all of your tabs in a resizable, vertical window—tree-style, similar to Windows Explorer. Closing a tab does not remove it from the tree, making it extremely easy to return to that page, so there is no distinction between an open and “saved” tab. Notes from web pages can also be added. When you’re tired of all the work, there’s a button that allows you to close each tab.

#Tab Snooze

There are times when you have tabs open in Chrome that you don’t need, such as an article you’re dying to read. Snooze that tab for later in the day, that evening, the next day, or even the next week or month if it can keep until after lunch. Choose one of the days. Alternatively, you could simply email it to yourself and read it whenever you want.

#The Great Suspender

When we open a multiple number of Chrome tabs ,they time eat up a lot of memory. Installing the Great Suspender reclaims some of those system resources. If you leave a tab alone for long enough, the Great Suspender will “unload” it, giving your computer a break. You can always return to the tab and click to reload it, or create a permission list of the sites that must always be accessible.


Having quick access to a drop-down menu/list of your open tabs isn’t revolutionary, but SuperTabs includes a search so you can get to the one you need as quickly as a tabbing bunny. You can use keyboard shortcuts to make SuperTabs even faster to use.

#Tab Wrangler

This is one of many tab wranglers that can help you by deleting tabs you haven’t looked at in a while—but it also makes them easy to re-access. Favorite websites aren’t closed down. Chrome can sync tabs between computers that are signed in with the same Google account.

#Session Buddy

Those who have an unusually large number of tabs open agree that this manager may be the best way to see and organize them all in one place, save them for later, recover tabs after a crash, and export tabs for sharing.


A nice combination of all the best features available in a new tab page, including beautiful looks, a clock/calendar, and a launcher for web-based apps and sites.


You have a lot of tabs open, which can cause your Chrome browser to bog down. Save all that memory by allowing OneTab to consolidate the clutter into a single tab containing links to all of the same sites.

#Awesome Screenshot

Don’t just take standard screenshots. Annotate them with shapes, arrows, and text comments to make them stand out. With a single click, an image is uploaded to for storage on Google Drive and quick sharing to social media.

#Full Page Screen Capture

A wide range of webpages continue to scroll indefinitely. Full Page Screen Capture will scroll through the page for you and capture a JPG if you need to capture the entire thing. Just don’t use your mouse while the page auto-scrolls.

#Diigo Web Collector

Diigo is a great combination of social bookmarking and a full-fledged information gatherer. This extension makes use of the service, allowing you to bookmark, archive, and annotate everything you see online. You get 500 free bookmarks, but Diigo charges $40 per year to remove advertising and add unlimited image storage and webpage backup.

#Evernote Web Clipper

This is a must-have for anyone living the Evernote lifestyle. Despite some limitations, Evernote is still the best way to clip and save everything worth keeping online. This extension makes it simple, even isolating and storing only the main content of a page. It has annotation capabilities built in. When you save a screenshot, tag it—then you can search through it all later using or the offline software and apps

#Mercury Reader

Install Mercury Reader if you hate ads and odd formatting on web pages. It reduces the “noise” on a page with a click (or keyboard shortcut) so you see only the text you want to read, in a typeface you can manage, in a dark or light theme. Share what’s left on social media, print it, email it, or save it to your Kindle for later reading.

#Nimbus Capture

Nimbus is perhaps the most feature-rich recorder available in Chrome, allowing you to annotate screen captures (even entire webpages) as well as full video recordings of a browser tab, part of a screen, or the entire screen. You can even draw on the video to transcribe it. After you’ve created it, you can edit it, share it, save it, print it, or copy it to the clipboard. Nimbus is also available for Firefox, but the content you capture is available on almost every platform.

#OneNote Web Clipper

Microsoft’s OneNote app/service performs many of the same functions as Evernote, if not better. It can now do them in Chrome or Edge thanks to its own Clipper extension. You can use it to save anything you see on the internet.

#Save to Pocket

Pocket by Mozilla is all about allowing you to read content you come across…later. Create an account and begin saving content to your pocket using the Save to Pocket extension, bookmark buttons, or apps. One click “Pockets” the content so you can access it at any time—even when you’re not connected to the internet—on all of your devices. Pocket has apps and add-ons for everything, and content isn’t limited to text; you can also store video.


Do you need to create a video from what you see in a Chrome tab? Screencastify will do it without the need for any additional software. It extends beyond the confines of the browser tab, recording the entire screen, including your webcam thumbnail, if desired. Visibility is improved by using animation tools such as highlighting a mouse in a spotlight. Videos can be saved to YouTube or Google Drive with ease. The free version allows for videos of up to ten minutes in length.


Lightshot is a lightweight screen-capture tool that captures only what’s in the browser with a single click of the toolbar button . It has a plethora of tools at its disposal, ranging from file uploading to annotation. It will even send what you capture instantly to Google to search for similar graphics.


A video depicting what you’re doing online is sometimes the best explanation. Create one quickly with Loom, a video screen recorder that supports voiceovers and can include your webcam mug in the corner. Shoot the current tab or the entire screen. Even if you’re recording for free, there’s no limit to how much you can record.

#Send to Kindle for Google Chrome

Many people prefer to read on Kindle devices or apps. Use Amazon’s extension if you come across a webpage with a longform article on it. It will reformat pages and send them to your Kindle device or app of choice for later reading. You can even receive a preview before sending it. (Try dot if you have another ebook reader that supports the ePub format.

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