Google Sheets Show Image on Hover(Quick & Easy Guide)

Google Sheets Show Image on Hover : How to view image in Google Sheets on Hover ,Let’s find out .

Google Sheets Show Image on Hover : Here’s How to view image on Hover

You can view full image on hover in Google Sheets,by using the Hover Zoom+ extension with which you just need to hover on a specific link to see the full image.

Once the Extension is installed simply using the following formula =HYPERLINK(<cell reference>,IMAGE<cell reference>) to create a link to the image and preview on Hover.

Google Sheets Show Image on Hover: Step by Step Guide

Here’s How to view full image on hover in Google Sheets.

Step 1: Download the required extension, “Hover Zoom+ extension“

  • Download the required extension Hover Zoom+ extension. It can be installed on Both Google Chrome and Mozilla web browsers
  • If you are using chrome you can download the extension from Chrome Web Store . It is also available for other Chromium-based web browsers such as Microsoft Edge and Brave

In this example, we will be using Chrome.

Click on “Add to Chrome

Provide the necessary permissions to install the extension.

Step 2: Enable the extension if not enabled after installation

In Google Chrome the extension is enabled by default . Enable the extension on other browsers if not enabled by default.

Google Chrome

Step 3: Open the Google Sheet where you want to view full image.

Step 4 : Create an image Preview and link

On your Google Sheet create an image preview with link using the below formula .


For example :  =HYPERLINK(B2,IMAGE(B2))

You can adjust the formula as per your requirement.

Apply the formula to all other cells .

Step 5 : After appliying the formula choose the cell under image and move the mouse cursor on top of the visible link.

How to view full image of a hover in Google Sheets

As soon as you hover over the link you will see the full image.

Google Sheets Show Image on Hover


How do I create a hover note in Google Sheets?

You can manually add notes to a cell by selecting ‘insert note’ with the right mouse button.

How do I show an image in a cell in Google Sheets?

Right-click on the small picture in the cell and select “place image over cells” from the drop-down menu. You may now view the picture and return to normal by pressing Ctrl-z.

How do you zoom in on a picture in Google Sheets?

Hover over (or place the mouse pointer on) the image you want to zoom in on Google Sheets. The zoom icon can be found in the image’s right upper corner. Simply click it.

Can you make a slider in Google Sheets ?

Inserting a slider into a cell is not possible.

Google Sheets Show Image on Hover(Conclusion)

In this tutorial we have walked you through a step by step guide using which you can view image in Google Sheets on Hover .We hope this tutorial on “Google Sheets Show Image on Hover” was helpful.

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