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Grammarly for Word: How Does It Work?

Grammarly for Microsoft Office lets you use Grammarly while writing Word documents or Outlook emails on Windows.

Before you download and install Grammarly for Microsoft Office, make sure it is compatible with your operating system by checking the system requirements here.

Launching Grammarly

After you’ve added Grammarly to Microsoft Word or Outlook, click Open Grammarly in the Home tab or use the button in your new Grammarly tab to bring up the Grammarly sidebar:

Grammarly will display suggestions in the sidebar when you begin typing or checking your text.

When you open Grammarly, you’ll see a Grammarly tab where you can select goals for your document, specify which categories of suggestions you want to run on your document, turn the plagiarism check on or off, order expert writing services, manage your deactivated suggestions, and adjust your settings.

Text verification

Grammarly’s suggestions will appear in your text as underlines and as suggestion cards in the Grammarly sidebar on the right.

When you click the underlined word, a card in the sidebar will expand. You can accept, ignore, or learn more about a suggestion by using the card:

  • Accept suggestion: Click on a suggestion to make the suggested change to the text. Click Undo to undo a recently applied suggestion. 
  • Ignore suggestion: Ignore the suggestion and it will be removed from the list of suggestion cards.
  • Learn more: Learn how to improve your future writing by receiving a detailed explanation of the highlighted writing issue.

Grammarly also lets you choose which types of suggestions to provide for your document. Grammarly’s four suggestion categories — clarity, correctness, engagement, and delivery — are all enabled by default. However, if you only want to enable correctness, clarity, delivery, or engagement, go to the Grammarly tab and click the corresponding button. Click All Issues to see all suggestions for your document.

Specific types of suggestions can be turned off.

Certain types of suggestions, such as the Oxford comma and passive voice, can be disabled.

Hover over the trash bin icon in the upper right corner of the suggestion card if you see a suggestion that isn’t helpful. If it’s a deactivable suggestion, you’ll see an option that says Turn off suggestions like this:

You can reactivate a suggestion after deactivating it by clicking Deactivated Suggestions in the Grammarly tab ( Grammerly Premium Feature )

Check your document for Plagirism

The plagiarism checker is only available to our paid users and is turned off by default. To check your text for plagiarism, go to the Grammarly tab and click the Plagiarism button:

Other features include :

  • You can Adjust goals – Grammarly allows you to set your preferred goals in order to receive more tailored writing feedback. To change your settings, go to the Grammarly tab and click the Adjust Goals button:
  • You can Submit expert writing Service Order – To place an order with Grammarly for Microsoft Office, go to the Grammarly tab and click the Get Expert Writing Help button:
  • You can change the default settings

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