How to Add Alt Text to Images in Word(Quick & Easy Guide)

In this tutorial, you will learn How to Add Alt Text to Images in Word.

Alternative text provides a description of an image’s usage on a page.Screen readers read out loud the Alt text to visually impaired readers to provide information regarding the image.

How to Add Alt Text to Images in Word: Step by Step Guide

Below are the steps to add Alt text to images in Word

Step 1 :

  • Choose a Picture for which you want to add Alt Text
  • Click on the image and it will get Selected

Step 2 :

  • Click on the Picture Format tab on the Main menu

Step 3 :

  • Under Picture Format menu ,Click on the Alt Text button as shown below
How to Add Alt Text to Images in Word

Step 4 :

  • Specify a description for the image in the Description box .
  • Once you click on the Alt Text button ,an Alt Text screen will pop-up on the top right side of your word document with a white Box.

Step 5 :

  • If required Mark the image as decorative.#
  • If your image is decorative which basically adds only visual interest to the readers and does’t provide any information.

Step 6 :

Click on the cross sign to close the Atl Text screen.

As the Alt text has been defined for the image whenever this document is read by a screen reader software ,it will read out loud its Alt text description.

How to Add Alt Text to Images in Word(Conclusion)

In the preceding article we have shown you a step by step guide to quickly add an alt text to image in word .We hope this tutorial on How to Add Alt Text to Images in Word was useful.

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