How to Check Azure Credit ( Easy Guide )

In this tutorial, we will learn How to check Azure Credit.

Microsoft provides free azure credits of $200 with a Free Azure trial account lasting for account 30 days using which you can learn, build and deploy applications in Azure such as Azure Virtual Machine, Azure SQL database, Azure Cosmos DB, etc.

Once you have started to play around in the Azure Portal by deploying various free services with your Free Azure credit, you would like to know how much is the remaining credit balance.

Let’s find out How to Check Azure Credit

How to Check Azure Credit : Step by Step Guide

You can view your Azure credit balance using the Microsoft Azure Portal.

How to Check Azure Credit Balance

Step 1: Logon to Azure Portal with your username and password

Link ( )

Step 2: Under Azure Services Click on Cost Management

 How to check Azure Credit

You can also search for Cost Management using the search functionality available on the top of your Azure Portal.

Step 3: Under Cost Management+ Billing Page, Click on Subscriptions

Once you reach the Cost Management +Billing overview Page. Navigate and click on Subscriptions under Billing on the left-hand side Menu.

Step 4: Check Azure credits Spending rate and forecast.

  • If you have multiple subscriptions, select your subscription for which you want to check the credit.
  • Once you are under your subscription, you can find the Azure credit information under Spending rate and forecast.

We hope this tutorial on How to Check Azure Credit was helpful

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