How to close a Google Form ( Quick & Easy Guide )

In this tutorial, we will learn How to close a Google Form

To close a Google From automatically you can use an add-on called formLimiter Google workspace Marketplace . If you have multiple active forms using an add-on makes the task easy instead of using a reminder with apps such as Todoist or Google calendar to close the form manually.

On the FormLimiter add-on screen you set the limit type by selecing the limit based on “Date and time”,”number of form responses” or “Spreadsheet value”

How to Close a Google Form: Step by Step Guide.

Enclosed are the steps to close a Google form Automatically :

Step 1: Install the Formlimiter add-on from Google Workspace Marketplace

  • Search the App Formlimiter at Google Workspace Marketplace.
  • Once you find the app ,Click on the Install button.
  • Provide the necessary Permission to finish the installation .
How to close a Google Form

Step 2: Open Google form and Start the Add-on

  • Once you open the Google form, Click on the puzzle icon in the top right corner of your Google form to see a list of available extensions.
  • From the drop-down Select Fromlimiter.
How to close a Google Form

Step 3 : Now Select “Select Limit” from the popped -up screen.

Step 4 : Set the Limit type in the FromLimiter add-on screen

  • Once you Click on Set Limit ,FormLimiter screen will pop-up on the right side of your Google form.
  • Under “Limit Type” Click on the down arrow infront of Select .
  • Now you set the limit type based on “Date and time”,”number of form responses” or “Spreadsheet value”

Limit Type based on Date and time

  • To close a Google Form you can use the Limit type based on Date and time .Once you Choose date and time you will get the option to set a specific date and time after which google forms will stop accepting responses.
  • You can also display a custom message under the option “Message when submissions are closed “ which will be shown whenever a user tried to submit a response on the closed Google form.

Limit type based on Number of responses.

Second option is to limit the form responese using the Limit type based on “Number of form responses” which you can set for a certain number of response.For example you can set a form response limit to 500 for an online contest which will stop accepting responses after 500.

Use the option “Stop accepting form responses” and specify the number under “when responses are greate than

Limit type based on spreadsheet cell value

  • Third option to limit the response and close a Google form is by using the option “spreadsheet cell value”
  • When you try to select the option for the first time from the drop-down,the option is greyed out .In order to enable and use this option you need to first connect a spreadsheet with your Google form.

To Connect a Spreadsheet with your Google form ,Click on the responses tab on your Google form.

  • Now click on the three vertical dots infront of google spreadsheet icon.
  • From the drop-down Click on ““Select Response Destination.

Now based on your requirement either create a new spreadsheet or select existing spreadsheet.

Now you can go back to the FormLimiter addon and Choose the limit type based on “spreadsheet cell value

Now you can close the form and stop accepting responses by specifying the spreadsheet cell value under “when the value from cell” section and destination spreadsheet under “in destination spreadsheet equals” area.

How to Close a Google Form Manually

To close a Google form manully you just need to toggle a button .Once you toggle the button you get an option to display a custom message for users trying to submit a response through closed Google form.

Enclosed are the steps to close a Google form manually .

  • Open Google Form and Navigate to the Responses Tab on the center middle of your Google form
  • Now Toggle the button “Accpting responses” to the left

Once you toggle the button ,Google form will enable a default message for not accpeting responses.You can also specify a custom message under “Message for respondents ” section .

You can then preview the form by clicking the eye icon on the top right to see the message as respondents will.

You can start accepting the responses again by switch back the toggle button whenever required .

Wrapping Up

We hope this tutorial on How to close a Google Form was helpful.

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