How to Flip an Image in Google docs ( Easy Guide )

In this tutorial, we will learn How to Flip an Image in Google docs

To Flip an image in Google docs, Select the image, Right Click and Choose “Cut”.Now Go to the insert menu and Select the “Drawing” option which will start the Drawing tool. Now Paste the Image anywhere on the drawing canvas, then Go to Actions->Rotate. Now flip the image as per your need.

How to Flip an Image in Google docs: Step by Step Guide

Enclosed are the steps to Flip images in Google docs :

You can use the Drawing Tool in Google docs to flip the image. You just need to cut and paste the image into the drawing tool screen, then flip the image and bring the photo back to your Google docs.

Step 1: Open Google docs document

Step 2: Upload the image if you have not already uploaded it.

Step 3: Right Click on the image and select “Cut” from the options.

How to Flip an Image in Google docs

Step 4: Start the drawing tool in Google docs

  • Click to the Insert menu on the Main menu bar
  • From the drop-down select Drawing.
  • Under Drawing Click on the New option.

Insert > Drawing > New

Step 5: Paste the copied image on the Drawing screen.

  • Once you click on the New option, the Drawing screen will pop up.
  • Right Click anywhere on the drawing Canvas and select “Paste” from the available options.
  • Now your image will be visible on the Drawing Canvas.

Step 6: Flip the image using the Actions->Rotate option

  • Go to Actions and click on the down arrow to expand and get available options
  • From the drop-down Select Rotate
  • Under Rotate, you will get the option to flip the image horizontally or vertically.
  • To Flip, the image Horizontally Select “Flip Horizontally
  • To Flip, the image Vertically Select ” Flip Vertically
  • You can also Rotate the image clockwise by 90 degrees or anticlockwise by 90 degrees.

Step 7: Save and Close the drawing Window

Once you are done with flipping the image as per your requirement. Click on the “Save and close” option on the top right corner of the Drawing Canvas.

Your flipped image will be available in Google docs.

Wrapping up

We hope this tutorial on How to Flip an Image in Google docs was useful.

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