How to Write Fractions in Google Docs: Easy Guide

In this tutorial, we will learn How to Write Fractions In Google Docs.

While working with Google Docs you might have come across a situation wherein you need to use fractions but you don’t know how to write or use fractions in Google Docs.

How to Write Fractions In Google Docs. ( 5 methods )

  • By using the Google Equation editor
  • Using the Substitution Feature
  • Using Special Characters.
  • Using the Equation Editor ++ Add-on
  • Using an external website to write fractions

Let’s go through the above-mentioned methods in detail.

How to Write Fractions in Google Docs : Step by Step Guide

To write fractions in Google Docs use the below methods.

#option 1 : By using the Google Equation editor

This is the simplest way to write(make) fractions in Google docs.

Step 1: Logon to Google docs

Log on to google docs where you need to write and use a fraction.

Step 2: Select the Equation option from the Insert Menu

Go to the Main menu and click on insert. From the drop-down select Equation as shown below.

How to Write Fractions in Google Docs

Step 3: Select the Equation from the Equation toolbar

  • Once you click on Equation, you will get a New equation toolbar as shown below
  • Click on Math Operations and select a/b fraction type

Step 4: Type the numbers in numerator and denominator

Once you select the math operations, you will get the below option to type numbers in numerator and denominator.

Type your required number in the numerator and then type enter to type the number in the denominator.

Your required fraction will be available in Google docs

Google Docs Equation Shortcut

You can also access the Google Docs Equation editor using a Keyboard shortcut.

Press and hold the ALT key and now press the I key ( ALT+I ). You will see E on the equation is underlined.

This will open the Insert Menu in Google docs, Now Press the E key

Option 2 : Using the Substitution Feature

Step 1: Select Preferences from Tools.

  • Go to the Main Menu and select Tools.
  • Under Tools menu drop-down select Preferences

Step 2: A new Preferences window will pop up. Click on the Substitutions option

Step 3: Check your desired fraction from Automatic substitution

  • Scroll down to check for the available Automatic substitution for fractions and Click OK.

Step 4: Type the Required fraction.

  • Now press enter, Google docs will automatically convert your enter number into a fraction.

Option 3 : Using Special Characters

Step 1: Go to Insert Option on the Main menu.

  • Hover over to the Insert option on the Main menu .
  • From the drop-down Select Special Characters.
  • Once you click on Special Characters a new screen will pop up as shown below.

Step 2: Select Numbers Under Symbol.

  • Click on the down arrow in front of Symbol and select Numbers

Step 3: Select Fractions/related under Decimal Option.

  • Click on the down arrow in front of Decimal to get the drop-down option.
  • Select Fractions/related .
  • Select your required fraction.

The required fraction has been inserted in Google docs.

Option 4 : Using the Equation Editor ++ Add-on

You can also write fractions in Google docs using the “Equation Editor++” Add-on

Step 1: Install the Add-on

Go to Add-ons->Get add-ons on the Main menu.

Step 2 : Search for Equation Editor ++ Add-on

  • Once you click on Get-add on, you will get the Google Workspace Marketplace screen with a search option.
  • Type Equation Editor ++ Add-on in the Search area.

Click on the add-on and install it after providing the necessary permission.

Step 3 : Start the Equation Editor++ add-on

Once the add-on is installed, click on the Add-ons menu on the top menu bar and Select Equation Editor++ as shown below.

An equation editor window will pop up on the right side of the document.

Now Simply type your required equation in the Math Gui editor.

Now to insert the fraction in the document, click on “Insert Equation into document

A specified equation will be inserted into your document.

#Using external website to write fractions

Step 1: Go to the external Latex website


Step 2: Select a /b fraction option

Step 3: Enter the numerator and denominator in the brackets after the fraction

Step 4 : Copy and paste the image in your Google docs.

We hope this tutorial on How to Write Fractions in Google Docs was helpful.

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