How to use Google docs equation editor : Complete Guide 2021

How to use google docs equation editor
  • Have you ever came across a situation where you need to add equations in your google docs while working on a math project.
  • Google docs has an in built equation editor which can be really useful for teachers preparing lecture worksheets and for students working on school projects .

In this article we will show you How to use google docs equation editor .

Step by Step Guide : How to use google docs equation editor

Step 1: Open you browser and go to to your Gmail account if you are not already logged in.

Step 2: Go to the google docs document where you want to insert an equation.

Go to insert->Equation in the menu.

Once you click on “Equations” .You will see a new equation menu along with text box as shown below.

The new equation toolbar will have following options :

Greek letters

Miscellaneous operations

Math operations

Step3 : Type the equation you want to add in the equation box

to insert square you can either select the symbol ^ or press “shift+6” on the keyboard

Complete your equation .

  • You can start writing a new equation by selecting
  • If you want to hide the Equation tool bar, deselect the option “Show equation toolbar” under view menu

Handy Shortcuts for writing equations :

  • To copy quickly you can use Ctrl+C or Command+C
  • You can use a backslash followed by symbol with space for example “\alpha” to write alpha or “\sqrt” to write square root.
  • You can use the unofficial list of LaTeX-like shortcuts from the Google Docs equation editor. Enter the shortcuts in the equation editor, then press the space bar.

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