How to add Footnotes in Google Docs : ( Easy Guide)

How to add Footnotes in Google Docs

Below are the necessary steps on How to Add Footnotes in Google Docs

  • Google Docs is a fantastic program for creating and modifying documents online. You can use it to work on your school, personnel, business, or college project, edit. documents, and share the docs via email with a shareable link.
  • Footnotes are an important part of any document which can be used to provide more information to your readers in a certain citation style.
  • Footnotes makes your document look professional and authentic.
  • If you have started to use google docs for your work or assignments.As inconvenient as inserting footnotes can be, it’s even more so if you don’t know how to do it properly.
  • Don’t worry you are not alone to face this problem .At lot of people come across this issue when they are starting to use Google docs for the first time.
  • Once you know the steps on how to add footnotes in Google docs .It will be a cake walk for you later.

This is, thankfully, a simple task. We’ll walk you through adding footnotes to a Google Docs document step by step in this section.

Step by Step guide : How to add Footnotes in Google Docs

In this article, we will cover :

  • How to add footnotes in Google Docs.
  • how to reuse a footnote in google docs
  • How to Add a Properly Formatted Footnote.
  • How to Install Citation Apps
  • how to add chicago style footnotes in google docs

Step 1: Open your Google doc where you need to add a footnote.

Position the cursor in the google doc where you need to insert the footnote.

Step 2: Once you select insert, you will be taken to the bottom of the page where you can type your footnote information.

  • if you want to delete the footnote later . Simply delete the number in the footnote which will delete and adjust the footnote across the document.
  • Adjust the note as per the required citation style.

How to reuse a footnote in google docs

Step 1: Select the footnote text and right-click

Step 2: Now select copy. You can also use the shortcut Ctrl+C

Past the selected footnote where you want the next footnote.

How to Add a Properly Formatted Footnote

  • If you need to follow a specific formatting style for your footnotes, Google Docs provides a built-in feature to the meet requirements of a specifc formatting style along with the citation URL.

Step 1: Select the text area where you want the formatted footnote.

Step 2: Select explore as shown below.

Step 3: Enter the keyword in the search bar for which you need the citation.

Click on “Cite as footnote

Google docs will automatically put the number before the text along with a citation in the footnote.

How to Install Citation Apps

Google docs also come with an option to install various add-ons which provide additional useful features such as adding additional formatting styles.

Step 1: Go to the Main menu Add-ons->Get add-ons

Step 2: In the Google Workspace Marketplace. Search for Footnote Style or citation.

Step 3: Install the required addon. You might need to login into your Gmail account and provide the necessary permissions.

Now you can find the addon in the addon menu.

How to add Chicago style footnotes in google docs

Step 1: Go to tools-> Citations in the main menu

Step 2: You will see the “Citations” option on the top right of your document

Step 3: Select the formatting style “Chicago Author-Date “

Step 4: Select the plus sign with Add citation source as shown below.

Step 5: Add the citation source as per your requirement.

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