How to create a Block Quote in Google Docs ( Quick & Easy Guide )

In this tutorial, we will learn How to create a Block Quote in Google Docs.

How to create a Block Quote in Google Docs : Step by Step Guide

While working with google docs you might come across a situation where you need to add the quotation to a paragraph. However, Google docs do not have an in-built feature to do so.However, you can use a workaround to create a Block Quote in Google Docs

Create a block qoute using manual formatting

Use this method to turn a quote into a block quote manually.

Step 1: Open Google doc and Choose your quote.

Open your Google doc and choose the quote which you want to turn into a block quote.

The first sentence ends with a Colon, which marks the beginning of the quote

How to create a Block Quote in Google Docs

Step 2: Select and Highlight your quote.

  • Select and Highlight the text by dragging your mouse cursor from start of the paragraph after colon till the end.
  • You can also use the Keyboard shortcut Shift plus arrow keys
How to create a Block Quote in Google Docs.

Step 3: Adjust the size of left indent.

Now Adjust and increase the size of the left indent.

There are 3 ways to increase the left indent. The first option is through the Increase indent option in the toolbar.

The second option is through the Format menu.

  • Click on the Format menu on the Main menu bar.
  • Under Format menu drop-down Select “Align and indent
  • Under “Align and indent ” Select Increase indent as shown below

The third option is through Keyboard Shortcut  Ctrl + ]. Press the Ctrl key along with the ] symbol on your keyboard.

This will increase the left indent of the selected quote.

Step 4: Adjust the right indent .

On top of your Google docs, the quick access menu, move your mouse cursor on the blue down arrow which indicates the right indent.

Now slide the Blue down arrow towards the left as shown below. In this example, we are scaling it down to 15. You can adjust it depending on your text.

This is how the quote looks after scaling down the right indent.

Step 5: Use Line & paragraph spacing to Double-space the quote.

Now to double-space the quote. Click on the “Line & paragraph spacing” option on the quick access toolbar.

Under “Line & paragraph spacing” Select Double.

  • Another option is to Select the Format Menu.
  • Under Format menu drop-down, Choose Line & paragraph spacing.
  • Now Select Double as shown below .

Our end result with a block quote will look like the following image.

To create a Block quote use the Tab Key

  • Another way of creating a block quote is using a tab key for indenting your quote. You need to set up the default tab stop which is 0.5 inches away from the margin.
  • Select and highlight the block quote text and then press the Tab key on your keyboard.

Other FAQs

How do I format a Block Quote in Chicago Style(CMS)?

  • Provide an introduction to your quote with few words.
  • On a new line, begin the block quote.
  • Do not use quotation marks around the direct quote.
  • The block quotation should be single-spaced.
  • Each line of the block quote should be 12 inches indented.
  • Before the parenthetical reference, place a period before the cited material, with no punctuation after the parentheses.
  • Follow the citation standards in the Chicago Manual of Style.


Using the above-discussed method you can easily create a block quote in Google Docs using manuel formatting and tab keys .

We hope this tutorial on How to create a Block Quote in Google Docs was helpful.

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