How to Create a Crosstab in Google Sheets(Quick & Easy Guide )

In this tutorial you will learn How to Create a Crosstab in Google Sheets

To create a crosstab in Google Sheets .First prepare the dataset in Google Spreadsheet then Select the dataset and Click on Insert->Pivot Table.

Specify the data range in an existing spreadsheet and Click on Create.Now You can Edit the Pivot table and Select the values in the Rows and Columns as per your requirement

How to Create a Crosstab in Google Sheets : Step by Step Guide

Each value cell of a cross-tab spreadsheet is the intersection of a row field from the vertical dimension and a column field from the horizontal dimension.

Enclosed are the steps to Create a Crosstab in Google Sheets

Step 1 :

Open the Google Spreadsheet and prepare the data .

In the below example we have prepared a dataset describing the details related to football teams.

Step 2 :

Convert the data into Crosstab

  • Select the data in the cell and then Click on the Insert menu on the Main menu bar.
  • Now from the droo-down select “Pivot Table
  • A new window will pop-up where you will see the data range based on the Select dataset.In this example Sheet2!A1:C10.
  • You can either create a Pivot table in a new sheet or an existing Sheet .
  • To create a pivot table in an existing sheet provide the data range for example Sheet1!E1
  • Now Click on Create button to create to create the Pivot table

Step 3 :

Fill the Crosstab with data

  • Once you click on the create button on the above step .A new pivot table will be created as shown in the previous screenshot.
  • Now to fill the crosstab with data ,Hover over your mouse below the table and Click on the Edit button to open the Pivot Table Editor
  • Now on the Pivot table Editor ,Click on the Add button infront of the Row option .
  • Now Select Played from the drop-down option
  • Similary Add the Value “Points” for Columns and “Points” for Values .

A crosstab table will be populated with selected values

How to Create a Crosstab in Google Sheets(Conclusion)

In the above tutorial we have provided you the steps tp create a crosstab in Google Sheets.We hope this tutorial was useful.

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