How to use ISERROR in Google Sheets(Quick & Easy Guide )

In this tutorial you will learn How to use ISERROR in Google Sheets.

  • To use ISERROR in Google Sheets you can use the following syntax =ISERROR(Value) where value will be the specific entry in a cell which will be checked for error .
  • You can either use ISERROR function with VLOOKUP or to return a new custom value.

How to use ISERROR in Google Sheets : Step by Step Guide )

You can use the  ISERROR function in Google Sheets to identify whether a value in a cell is an error or not.

You can use the below syntax for ISERROR :


Value – this will be the value in a cell which will checked for error

If the value in the specified cell is an error it will return TRUE else it will return FALSE

Following are the two examples showing the usage of ISERROR function

How to Use ISERROR with VLOOKUP in Google Sheets

In the below example we will execute VLOOKUP in a Google Sheet to return the value in the Column “Points “ which corresponds to a label named “Spain” in the Column Teams

=VLOOKUP ("Spain",A1:B10,2, FALSE)

As the value “Spain” does not exist in the Column teams ,we get the error #N/A

In order to display a specific error message instead of #N/A we can use the below function

=IF(ISERROR(VLOOKUP("Spain", A1:B10, 2, FALSE)), "Team not found", VLOOKUP("Spain", A1:B10, 2, FALSE)) 
How to use ISERROR in Google Sheets

As the value Spain does not exist in the column teams the provided function will resturn the custom message “Team not found ” as shown in the above screenshot

How to use ISERROR to return a new value

Assume you need to divided a value in Column A with a Value in Column B in Google Sheet

When we divide the price values in Column “Price in Jan” by values in Column”Price in Feb” we get the error #DIV/0!

In this scenario we can use the ISERROR function to return a custom message ” Division is invalid ” instead of #DIV/0!

=IF(ISERROR(A2/B2), "Division is invalid", A2/B2)

Following is the result of using the above provided formula in Google Sheet

if value for the function ISERROR(A2/B2)  is TRUE then it will return a message “Division is invalid

Else it will return the result of the division if the value is FALSE

How to use ISERROR in Google Sheets(Conclusion)

In the above tutorial we have provided you the steps using which you can use the ISERROR function in two different scenarios in Google Sheets.

We hope this tutorial was useful.

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