How to Make a Box Plot in Google Sheets(Quick & Easy Guide)

In this tutorial, you will learn How To Make A Box Plot In Google Sheets.

How To Make A Box Plot In Google Sheets: Step by Step Guide

A box plot is a visual representation of variability in a five-number data collection, which consists of :

  • First quartile
  • Third quartile
  • Median
  • Minimum
  • Maximum

Enclosed are the steps to How To Make A Box Plot In Google Sheets

Step 1: Open Google Sheets and Prepare your data

As a first step open google sheets and enter your data values in a Column as shown below.

Step 2: Create the headers

Now create the headers by typing Minimum, First Quartile, Third Quartile, and Maximum as shown below.

Step 3: Type the formula

Type the formula “=MIN(A2:A10)” below the header Minimum and press enter . Here A2:A10 means your data range from A1 to A10 in column A.

Type the formula “=QUARTILE(A2:A10, 1)” below the first quartile Header and press enter.

Similarly type the formula “=QUARTILE(A2:A10, 3)” under the Third quartile and “=MAX(A2:A10)” under the Max header

Now simply apply the formula to the rest of the cells by Selecting a cell (for example B2) and dragging it downwards until A10 for each header.

How to Make a Box Plot in Google Sheets

Step 4: Create a Label Column

As we need five columns for our graph we will create a Label Column as shown below.

Step 5 :Insert a Candlestick Chart

As google Sheets doesn’t provide an inbuilt Box Chart option in the Chart editor we will use a Candlestick Chart which looks similar to a Box Chart.

  • Now Select the data set.

Here we have selected three data sets. You can define and Select more Label values.

  • Now Go to Insert->Chart

Once the dataset is selected click on the Insert menu in the main menu bar and Select Chart from the drop-down.

  • Once you click on the Chart option. A Chart editor screen will pop up on the right side of your Google Sheet.

By default, Google Sheets will generate a Column Chart for the Selected dataset

Step 6: Change the default Chart type

Under Chart, type click on the down arrow beside the Column Chart.

Now scroll down and Select Candle Stick Chart under other.

A candle stick chart will be created which looks similar to a Box Chart as shown below.

Step 7: Customize the Chart as per your need

A CandleStick will be displayed beside the data series. Now You can drag the Chart to adjust its position.

You can perform further customization to change the chart style such as chart background color or border color etc. as per your requirement.

How To Make A Box Plot In Google Sheets(Conclusion)

In this tutorial, we have shown you a step-by-step guide to creating a Box Plot for a data series.

They are simple to read and can be an effective tool for data interpretation. The addition of them to your spreadsheet is also made simple by Google Sheets.

We hope this tutorial on How To Make A Box Plot In Google Sheets was useful.

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