How to Make a Gauge Chart in google sheets(Quick & Easy Guide)

In this tutorial, you will learn How To Make A Gauge Chart In Google Sheets.

To make a Gauge Chart In Google Sheets :

Select the data series for which you want to create a Gauge chart then Go to Insert ->Chart. Now Go to Chart type and change the default chart type to Gauge Chart from the drop-down option.

How To Make A Gauge Chart In Google Sheets: Step by Step Guide

Here are the steps to How To Make A Gauge Chart In Google Sheets

Step 1 :

Open Google Sheets

As a first step, you need to open google sheets with an existing group of datasets or create a new google Sheets with the required dataset.

You will need at least two sets of data series.

In this example, we will use the below data set.

Step 2 :

Choose the complete dataset

To select the entire dataset, click on any of the cells and press CTRL+A

Step 3 :

Go to Insert->Chart

Once the dataset is selected click on the Insert menu in the main menu bar and Select Chart from the drop-down.

Once you click on the Chart option. A Chart editor screen will pop up on the right side of your Google Sheet.

By default, Google Sheets will generate a default Chart for the Selected dataset

Step 4 :

Change the default Chart type

Under Chart, type click on the down arrow beside the Column Chart.

Now scroll down and Select Gauge Chart under option

How to Make a Gauge Chart in google sheets

A gauge chart will be automatically created for the dataset as shown below.

A Gauge Chart will be displayed beside the data series. Now You can drag the Chart to adjust its position.

Step 5 :

Customize the Chart as per your need.

  • To change the color of your Guage Chart, Click on the Customize tab beside the Setup tab.
  • Now expand the right arrow in front of Gauge

Now, as per your requirement specify the range of colors which need to be used for minimum and maximum values on your Gauge Chart.

The Guage Chart colors will be updated automatically.

How To Make A Gauge Chart In Google Sheets(Conclusion)

In this tutorial, we have shown you a step-by-step guide to quickly create a Gauge chart for a data series.

We hope this tutorial on How To Make A Gauge Chart In Google Sheets was useful.

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