How to Make a Treemap Chart in Google Sheets ( Quick & Easy Guide )

In this tutorial, we will learn How to Make a Treemap Chart in Google Sheets

A treemap chart is a great way to simplify, understand and visualize raw data

To make a Treemap in Google Sheets, Prepare your data in three columns and Select Insert menu -> Chart. Now change the default Chart type to treemap from Column Chart under the Setup Tab

Let’s go through the above steps in detail.

How to make a Treemap Chart in Google Sheets: Step by Step Guide

Enclosed are the steps to make a Treemap Chart in Google Sheets

Step 1: Prepare your data in Google Sheets.

In order to create a treemap Chart in Google Sheets, you need to arrange your data in a specific format.

In this example, we will use the below Lunch Menu data


If you have existing or new data, you need to sort your data into three columns as shown below.

How to Make a Treemap Chart in Google Sheets

Step 2: Select the Entire data.

Once you have your data ready, Just Click on row A2 and press the CTRL+A key on your keyboard and the entire data will be Selected.

Step 3: Go to Insert Menu and Select Chart

  • Now Go to the Insert menu on the Main menu.
  • From the Main menu drop-down Click on Chart from the available options.

You can also click on the Insert Chart option from the Quick Menu toolbar on Top Right

Step 4: Select the Chart Type as Treemap

Once you click on the Chart option, Google Sheets will automatically create and display a Column chart for your selected data.

Now we will change the Chart type to treemap.

Click on the down arrow in front of the Column Chart to get other available Chart type options

From the available drop-down Select the Chart type Treemap

Now you will have your required Treemap

To see the actual value just move the mouse cursor on any specific item. You can click on any Specific item and you will get the amount of that item in the whole data.

How to edit treemap in Google Sheets

You can customize the default, font size, and text color, and used a color range of your Treemap in Google Sheets. Follow the below steps to change the Used color range and Font size

How to Change the used color range

As much as we would like to customize and adjust the default color for each category in the treemap Chart sadly we don’t have that option as Google Sheets doesn’t allow you to edit the default color.

However, we can change the used color Range. Follow the below steps to change the used color range

  • Go to Customize Tab and expand Treemap

Scroll down you will get the option to adjust the color under Min value color, Mid value color, and Max value Colour

Now you will get a pop-up with color options as shown below

We have Selected light orange for Min value Colour and did the same for Mid and Max value colors.

In our example, we have changed the shades of color to light orange as shown below.

How to Change the font size.

Enclosed are the steps to change the font size of a Treemap in Google Sheets

Navigate to Customize tab on the Chart editor and expand the Treemap option. Now you will find the Font option with the default Font theme and size.

Here you can change the default Theme and Font size as shown below.

Wrapping up

In the preceding article, we have discussed how to Make a Treemap Chart in Google Sheets with a few easy steps.

We hope this article tutorial with help you to create your treemap in Google Sheets quickly.

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