How to Refresh Pivot Table in Google Sheets ( Quick & Easy Guide)

In this tutorial ,we will walk you through the steps on How to Refresh Pivot Table in Google Sheets.

To Refresh Pivot Table in Google Sheets Follow the below steps:

  • Click on the browser refresh button to refresh the Google Sheet.
  • In case of newly added data which is out of current Range ,include the newly added row in the Pivot Table data range
  • Remove any filter which is causing the problem .

How to Refresh Pivot Table in Google Sheets : Step by Step Guide

Normally ,you don’t need to Refresh a Pivot Table as it gets refreshed automatically each the data which is accessed by table is being updated.

But there might be instances where the Pivot Table data is not updated automatically.

#Simply Refresh the Page to Update Pivot Table

  • The first thing which you should try to update a Pivot Table is Simply performing a quick browser page refresh.
  • Just Click on the refresh button on your browser page which will take few seconds to refresh and your Pivot table will be updated.

#New Data out of Range

  • One of the another reason for Pivot table not getting is the addition of new data which is not in the Range.
  • In the below example we have a Pivot Table and a new row marked in red has been added after the range.
How to Refresh Pivot Table in Google Sheets
  • We we verify the respective Pivot table for the range of data .Newly added data is not reflected in the Pivot Table.

If you get the above error ,follow the below steps to fix it :

Step 1 : Open the Pivot Table Editor

Navigate to your Pivot Table and Simply click inside the Pivot Table cell and it will open the Pivot Table Editor.

Step 2 : Edit the Range

  • Change the previous data range under Pivot Table Editor by click on the “Select Data range” option.
  • In our example the orignal data range was !A1:E15 and then one new row was added, to update the new row we need to update the data range as !A1:E16
How to Refresh Pivot Table in Google Sheets

Step 3 : The Pivot Table is Updated

  • As soon as you update the data range ,Pivot table will get updated with the new row data.

#Pivot Table with Filters

  • If you are using Filters in your Pivot Table your newly added data might not reflect in your Pivot Table.
  • For example,If a filter has been used for Subdivision Column which will display result only with specified subdivision.Newly added Subdivision will not be visible if it doesnt fit the filter criteria.

To fix the above error ,simply delete any existing filters and after adding the new data you can create the filters again.

Enclosed are the steps to delete the existing filter.

Step 1 : Start the Pivot Table Editor

  • Click on any cell on the Pivot table to open the Pivot Table Editor.
  • Now scroll down until you reach the Filters Section.
  • Now Under Filters ,Just click on the cross sign X infront of the items.

Step 2 : New values will appear in the Pivot Table

As soon as you delete the filters ,you newly added data will reflect on your Pivot table.

Step 3 : Recreate the filter if required

You can recreate the filter by clicking on the Add button infront of Filters

How to Refresh Pivot Table in Google Sheets(Summary)

We hope this tutorail on How to Refresh Pivot Table in Google Sheets was helpful.

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