How to Install MailWizz Email Marketing Software: ( Ultimate Easy Guide)

In this tutorial, you will learn How to Install MailWizz Email Marketing Software.

What exactly is MailWizz ?

MailWizz is a self-hosted email marketing application that is simple to use, efficient, and full of features. Using Mailwizz you can create your own automated email marketing system.

Where to get Mailwizz PHP script ?

You can purchase a regular license for Mailwizz with a one is a one-time payment with no additional monthly cost for unlimited use. You can buy it here.

What is self-hosted Email Marketing Software ?

Self-hosted email marketing software makes it easy to share a message to a group of individuals, however, it’s installed on your own desktop or server, giving you complete control over the security of data.

It consists of SMTP and the management application (Mailwizz).

Before we get started what exactly is required ?

You need a Hosting ?

You can go for any of the preferred hostings which provides value for money at the time of your purchase. In this example, we will use Dreamhost, you can also use other hosting providers such as Bluehost , Hostarmada, or Greengeeks.

Domain name

You can purchase a domain name from Namecheap. Also check out Bluehost, Hostarmada, Dreamhost, and Greengeeks where you will get a free domain name for the 1st year.

Let’s go straight into the installation procedure and see How to Install Mailwizz.

MailWizz Installation

Below are the steps on How to Install MailWizz.

  • Download and extract the Mailwizz zip file.
  • Go to the extracted folder and compress the files under Latest folder.
  • Access your Domain hosting Platform via Cpanel.
  • Create a new folder inside your public_html directory.
  • Open the New Newsletter folder and upload the MailWizz zipped file.
  • Install MailWizz with “index.php”.
  • Setup Database via the hosting Cpanel.
  • Enter the database name,username and password.
  • Setup Cron job

How to Install MailWizz : Step by Step Guide

Step 1: After purchasing the license, download and extract the Mailwizz zip file.

Select the folder->Right Click->Extract All

Right, Click and extract the file. You can use Winzip or any other extractor.

Step 2: Go to the extracted folder which will have a set of files and folders.

Go to the latest Folder, which contains the files and subfolder required for the installation.

  • To make the installation easier, compress the above-shown files into a single file.
  • Select all the files, right-click and choose the option send to. Under Send to select Compressed(Zipped) Folder.
  • Select all files->Send to-> Compressed(Zipped) Folder.
  • The files have been compressed as shown below.
  • Rename the file at your convenience. We have renamed it Mailwizz

Step 3: Access your Domain hosting Platform via Cpanel

  • In this example, we are going to access DreamHost Cpanel.


  • Sign in to your account.
  • Go to File Manager on your respective Hosting Provider Cpanel.
  • In Dreamhost, Cpanel Click on Manage Websites on the left-hand Panel
  • Click on Manage.

The contents of the MailWizz folder need to go into your document root directory.

Most probably it will be your “public_html” directory.

Step 4: Create a new folder inside your public_html directory

  • As a Best practice, it is always recommended to create a separate folder for MailWizz to separate MailWizz from other apps running on your website.
  • Create a new folder by clicking on the plus sign at the bottom.
  • Naming the new folder as Newsletter
  • Now you will find the Newsletter folder created under your Public_html directory

Step 5: Open the New Newsletter folder and upload the MailWizz zipped file.

  • Open the Newsletter folder and click on the Upload button.
  • Select the file zipped file in this example MailWizz
  • Choose the Option ” Upload and Unzip”
  • The most important file is inside the install folder which is “index.php“.

Step 6 : Install MailWizz with “index.php”

  • Go to “yourwebsite/newsletter/install/index.php
How to Install MailWizz
  • Enter the purchase code and Click on Next.
  • Click on Next
  • Here we need to provide the Database information.
  • Keep this screen open on the browser tab, do not close.

Step 7 : Setup Database via the hosting Cpanel

  • Go to your Hosting Cpanel and find MySql Database.
  • Create a new Database by providing a Database name.
  • Create a first user in Database.
  • Now the new database has been created. Take a note of the Database name, username, and password.

Step 8: Enter the database name,username and password .

  • On the MailWizz database credentials and import screen (Step 6) provide the credentials and Click on Start importing.

Provide the “Admin Credential” and Click on create an account.

Hurray, Mailwizz installation is almost complete. Now the only step left is to set up a cronjob

Step 8 : Setup Cron job

  • Cron jobs perform time-related functions like. For example, If you want to schedule a Campaign sender, Transaction email sender, Feedback loop handler for every day, or bounce handler every 10 minutes. You can use a cron job to schedule these tasks.
  • You can either keep the default settings or modify the cron jobs as per your requirement.
  • Copy the first Campaigns sender cron job which runs each minute.
/usr/local/php74/bin/php -q /home/dh_bxewst/ send-campaigns >/dev/null 2>&1
  • To schedule, a new cron job go to your Hosting provider Cpanel and select Cpanel
  • Click on Add New Cron Jobs. Provide the details when you want to run the job and click on Add.
  • Similarly scheduled other cron jobs as per your need.

Step 9: Go back to the Mailwizz Setup screen and click on ” Cron jobs are installed, continue”

Congratulations, you’ve successfully installed MailWizz Email Marketing Application :-).We hope this tutorial on How to install Mailwizz was helpful.

How to Install MailWizz Email Marketing Software(Conclusion)

In the above tutorial we have shown you a step-by-step guide using which you can easily install Mailwizz email marketing Sotware.

We hops this tutorial on How to Install MailWizz Email Marketing Software was useful.

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