How to Password Protect a Page in Notion(3-minute Read)

Are you wondering How to Password Protect a Page in Notion

In this article, we will try to find out How to Password Protect a Page in Notion.

  • Among various unique in-built features that Notion provides to its users .Password protecting a Page in Notion is not one of them.You won’t get the option to Password protect a Page in Notion.You can only use a Page lock as the in-built feature.
  • However there are other thirdy party solutions available in the market to overcome this problem.One such company is Cloakist which solves this problem with a product called sotion.
How to Password Protect a Page in Notion
  • With the help of Sotion you can password protect your Public and private Notion pages .You can opt for a 7-day free trail via Cloakist.

After 7-days you can opt for a basic monthly plan at $10 per month which comes with 1 solution site (Custom domain name), password protection, and Customize log-in page. If you want to secure your entire workspace you can opt for a Pro plan at $25/month

  • However, do keep in mind that Notion doesn’t provide any official support for such a third-party solution which means you are on your own if you face any issue.
  • Another major drawback is related to security,sotion will not replace your Notion domain it will only add its own naming convention in front of your notion URL. Once you provide the password for authentication it will turn into a shared public URL as shown below which anyone can access with the link.

How to Password Protect a Page in Notion for free ( Option 2 )

  • If you don’t want to spend any third-party solution for Notion then you can check out one simple Notion add-on developed by one of the Notion users.
  • This add-on supports plain text encryption which allows for encrypted data storage without locking the page. The only condition is that you should remember the password which you have used to encrypt your text.

To use embed the below URL on your Notion page.

The add-on encrypts data in the browser using AES encryption; no data is sent to a server during encryption or decryption. All of this takes place in your machine’s memory.

Instructions on How to use this add-on can be found here: Notion-lock

We hope this article will help you to password protect your Notion Page.

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