How to Share a Page in Notion : Quick Guide 2021

In this tutorial we will find out How to Share a page in Notion

A lot of Notion users are sometimes not sure about Sharing a Notion Page .Some questions might arise like whether the other user needs to login to Notion in order to view the page .

Once you share a Notion page with others user using the Shareable link. They can open the shared page without the need to logon to Notion .Let’s find out How to Share a Page in Notion.

How to Share a Page in Notion : Step by Step Guide

Step 1 : Open the Notion Page which you want to Share

How to Share a Page in Notion

Step 2 : Click on the Share option on the right upper top of the Page.

Step 3 : Toggle Share to Web option

Toggle the button infront of Share to Web

  • Now you will get the option to share the link. You can share this link with the person whom you want to access the page. Simple open the url in another browser or incognito mode to validate the link

You can also customize the page permissions using “Allow editing” if you want the person to edit the page .Allow comments to provide commenting option and allow duplication of page using “Allow Duplicate as template” with a Simple Toggle.

We hope this tutorial on How to Share a Page in Notion was helpful. Now go ahead and collaborate with your friends and co-workers 🙂


Can anyone see my Notion pages ?

Someone else can only view your Notion page ,if you have enabled the “Public Access” option in the Share menu ,irrespective of the pricing plan.Once your enable the “Public Access” and publish your page to the web,it can be access with the url for that shared Notion Page.

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