How to View Word Count in Notion : 3 Step Easy Guide

In this article, we will find out How to view word count in Notion.

  • Notion provides a feature to view the word count on a Notion page using which you can reach your specific word count goals.
  • However, the only drawback here is that it will provide the word count for the entire page and not a specific highlighted text. Unlike in Google docs or Microsoft Word.
  • To find the word count in Notion for a specific Highlighted text, you can either copy the text on Google docs or Microsoft Word, or any online word counter (

You can also use the word counter plus Chrome extension

How to View Word Count in Notion

  • Login to Notion and Open a Page .
  • Click on the three horizontal dots (. . .) Tab in the top-right corner.
  • Navigate at the bottom of the drop-down list to view the Word Count .
How to View Word Count in Notion

We hope this tutorial on How to view word count in Notion was useful.

Limitations of Notion word count feature

  • Notion word count does not support Cyrillic/non-english characters
  • No support for individual text or paragraph word count .It will count the whole page

Notion word count FAQ

Can we use Notion word count as property, using specific formula?

It is not possible to use notion word count as property because Notion word count functions on a page whereas the Notion formula will work inside a table.

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