How to use simple tables in Notion ( Easy Guide 2021 )

In this tutorial we will see How to use Simple Tables in Notion ( Notion’s new feature)

  • Notion has finally listed to its users and Notion community. Notion has introduced one of the most requested feature called Simple Tables .
  • You can use Simple Tables when you don’t need all the heavy duty features of a database but simply need to organize information on your Notion Pages and documents.
  • Using Simple tables you can create rows and columns. Sometimes you only need the basic stuff such as show the relevant information with headers.
  • Simple tables let you create columns and rows. Display important text. Add headers. And that’s just about it. Because sometimes, that’s all you need.

How to use simple tables in Notion : Step by Step Guide

Step 1 : On your Notion Page Type /table and select Table option.

  • Open your Notion Page where you want to insert Simple table .Type /table and from the dropdown select the option table .
 How to use Simple Tables in Notion

Step 2 : Drag horizontally or vertically to add Columns and rows.

  • To add new columns simply go to the corner of the tables and drag horizontally
  • To add a new row select the plus sign at the right bottom corner of the table and drag downwards as shown below.

New rows will be added.

We hope this tutorial on How to use Simple Tables in Notion was helpful.

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