How to Send Emails from a NoReply Email Address ( Easy Guide )

In this tutorial, we will learn How to Send Emails from a NoReply Email Address.

How to Send Emails from a NoReply Email Address: Step by Step Guide

  • If you want to send a notification email, it can be sent with your default Gmail address or with the alias which you have created for your Gmail account.
  • You can also send an email with a noreply email address which will notify receivers not to reply to this email address.

Following are the points which you should know before using a no-reply address in Gmail.

  • You can only use this feature if you have a Google account with a Google workspace subscription. The no-reply feature is not available on a free Gmail account.
  • The emails which you will send with No-reply will be received under the Promotions tab in Gmail.
  • Only use this feature if you don’t want receivers to respond to your email.

Enclosed are the steps to Send Emails from a NoReply Email Address

Step 1: Go to Google Workspace Marketplace and install the Email Notification for Google forms addon

Step 2: Open the Google form and start the add-on

Step 3: On the Notification add-on screen, specify a rule , go to Reply to address field, and enter a no-reply email address

For example, you can specify .Now save your rule and the respondents will not be able to reply to this Notification

Save the rule and respondents will not be allowed to reply to your notifications.

We hope this article will help you when you want to Send Emails from a NoReply Email Address.

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