Is it Worth buying Notion Personal pro? (Important Facts)

Is it worth buying Notion Personal pro plan or is it OK to stick to the free plan from Notion?

Are you thinking to upgrade your Notion membership to a Notion Personal pro plan? However, you are not sure whether it is worth the upgrade or not.

  • The answer will depend on your usage which might be different for every individual. If you are a light user with minimum usage, you can stick to the free plan and get most of the things done.
  • However, if you are someone who uses Notion for everything on a daily basis. You can consider upgrading to a Notion Personal Pro plan.

Is it Worth buying Notion Personal pro?

Reasons to Upgrade

  • If you share lots of pages within your group of friends and colleagues it is worth upgrading to Notion Personal Pro
  • Consider upgrading to Personal Pro if you’re having trouble uploading files due to limitation in the free plan and you can’t invite new users to your Workspace,
  • Another reason could be you have made a change to a file and then wished to restore it to a previous version only to know it’s gone forever.

Once you upgrade to the Personal Pro plan which costs $4 per month(billed annually) you will get unlimited file uploads, unlimited guests along with 30-day version history which provides you the option to view previous changes and restore them when needed.

Is it Worth buying Notion Personal pro?

If you are not running into any barrier listed above there is no need to upgrade to the Personal Pro plan.

You can check out some other alternatives to Notion such as Taskade, dynalist, or Evernote if you are not able to find the required feature in Notion

Additional FAQs

Can I use Notion for free?

Yes, you can use the Notion free plan forever and create unlimited Notion Pages and blocks

Can I change my plan settings on mobile?

No, you can’t change your plan settings on Mobile. You need to either use Notion for the desktop app or Notion via a Web browser.

We hope this article will help to decide whether to upgrade to the Notion pro plan or not.

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