How to insert Checkbox in Google Docs: Easy Guide

In this tutorial, we will learn How to insert Checkbox in Google Docs.

It can be really useful to insert Checkboxes in Google Docs when you need to create an interactive checklist.

Short overview of Steps :

  • Go to Format in the Main menu
  • Under Format Select Bullets and Numbering
  • Under Bullets and Numbering select Checklist

How to insert Checkbox in Google Docs : Step by Step Guide

Step 1: Open your google docs document where you want to create a checklist.

Step 2: Go to Format in the Main menu as shown below

Step 3: Under Format go to Bullets and Numbering

Step 4: Under Bullets and numbering, select Checklist.

  • To create a checklist select the checklist option as shown below.
  • Checkbox has been created .Type your text in front of the Checkbox
  • To create more checkboxes simply press enter and new checkbox will be created .
  • To select and check any item in the list simply hover the mouse cursor over the checkbox and click
How to insert Checkbox in Google Docs
  • You can also access the checklist option from the toolbar as shown below

Another way to access the Checklist option is by using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+N

Now you can save your Google docs document with an interactive Checkbox list.

We hope this tutorial on How to Insert Checkbox in Google Docs will be useful.

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