How to Undo in Notion: Quick & Easy 1 Step Guide

In this tutorial, we will find out How to Undo in Notion

How to Undo in Notion
  • Did you type something incorrect in Notion or copy the wrong table. You tried the default Undo feature in Notion, However, it is not working as expected.

What to do in such a scenario? Let’s find How to Undo in Notion

You can use the below keyboard shortcuts to Undo in Notion.

  • Windows: CTRL + Z

On a Windows, machine use the keyboard shortcut, Ctrl+ Z

  • Mac: CMD + Z

On Mac use the keyboard shortcut, CMD+ Z

Note: It might not work on specific occasions as it relies on your system logs to perform the undo task.

This workaround will work on Notion for Web, Notion for Windows.

We hope this guide on How to Undo in Notion was helpful.

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