Outlook disconnected How to reconnect(Quick & Easy Fix )

Is your Outlook disconnected from the Microsoft exchange server .In tutorial we will show you the possible reasons for disconnection with solution.

Outlook disconnected(Quick fix)

  • Check the synchronizarion status at the message bar at the bottom of Outlook.
  • If the Internet is working fine perform try to perform a sync using the “Update folder ” option or Send/Receive groups->Inbox option.
  • If you still don’t get a status message at the right bottom “All folders are update to date ,Connected to Microsoft Exchange“.Try to Restart your outlook app and check again

Outlook disconnected How to resolve it : Step by Step Guide

Enclosed are the possible scenarios for outlook disconnection with solutions.

The first thing which you should check is your internet connectivity .If you are working on your office laptop with office VPN setup .Check whether your VPN is connected or disconnected.

Case 1: Outlook shows Outlook offline message.

After opening Microsoft Outlook App on your PC if you get the following message “Outlook is offline” it means your Outlook app is not connected to the Exchange server.

In this case you won’t be able to send or receive any emails.

Follow the below steps to fix this issue :

Step 1 : Open Microsoft Outlook

Step 2 : Under Send / Receive Tab ,Click on Work Offline button on the top right as shown below

Outlook disconnected How to reconnect

Step 3 : Check the Connectivity

Step 4 : If you still see the message working offline ,restart your outlook app

Case 2 : Disconnected error message

After opening Outlook if you get a “disconnected” message as shown below.You should check your internet or VPN connectivity.

If you are facing temporary internet disruption as soon as your are back online .Outlook will automatically re-connect to exchange server and the disconnected message will convert to “Connected to Microsoft Exchange

Follow the below steps when your are back online :

Step 1 : Check the message at the bottom of your Outlook app

It should be “Connected to : Microsoft Exchange”

Step 2 : Update the Inbox or Folder

To check whether your are able to receive or send the emails .Click on “Update folders” and check the progress .This will perform a sync with the Exchange server and clear any stuck emails .

To Update the Inbox,Click on the down arrow on Send/Receive Groups option and click on Inbox from the drop-down.

Step 3 : Check the Synchrozisation status

After performing the previous steps ,check the synchronization status at the right bottom of your Outlook app.

You should get a message as shown above “All folders are up to date ,Connected to :Microsoft Exchange”

Why is my Outlook showing disconnected?

Outlook might show as working offline if there is any issue with the Internet connectivitly .You should verify your internet connectivity.In case you are connected via a VPN ,check your VPN connectivitly as well then try to restart Outlook.

Outlook disconnected How to reconnect(Conclusion)

In the above tutorial we have discussed the error scenarios with possible solutions for Outlook disconnected issue.We hope this article on Outlook disconnected will help you to solve the problem.

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