Is it impossible to Copy and Paste in Notion for Ipad ( Quick Facts)

Yes, Copy & Paste in Notion is broken. Copy and Paste in Notion for iPad doesn’t work as it should.

Copy and Paste in Notion for Ipad (Broken)

Copy and Paste in Notion for Ipad (Broken)

  • A lot of Notion users are facing a strange issue wherein they are not able to copy-paste a substantial quantity of information. They are able to copy paragraphs but not many blocks at once.
  • Many users are frustrated as they feel Notion is a great application but they had to uninstall it for a simple feature like Copy/Paste. Copying and pasting does work if you copy some text from an external source
  • There’s a weird issue with Notion for iPad that’s preventing users from copying multiple blocks of text and pasting them in another application, instead of requiring you to move the data over one block at a time – which is highly inefficient.
  • The issue doesn’t seem to impact copying from an external source and pasting into Notion, so if you’re moving data for safekeeping you should be fine. But if you’re trying to make a withdrawal so to speak, you’re in for a world of hurt.

There is a Workaround ( Copy and paste in Notion for Ipad )

If you are looking for a workaround for this issue. Just open Notion in your Safari browser and then you can copy all text at one go. However, it beats the very purpose of installing the Notion app on your Ipad in the first place where it cannot provide all the functionalities and features.

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