Does Notion Support Spotlight Search?

Does Notion Support Spotlight search on Mac and Iphones?

The short answer is No. Till now Notion does not support Spotlight search on Mac. However, Notion does have future plans to bring the Spotlight search functionality on Mac and Iphones as confirmed by Notion COO, Akshay Kothari.

Does Notion Support Spotlight Search

While speaking to TechCrunch at an interview last year in September 2021, Kothari confirmed that it’s part of their new future rollout plans, When asked about the support for apple pencil and spotlight search on Notion.

  • It’s January 2022, so far the Spotlight Search feature has not been released. There is no official confirmation from the company about the timeframe when it will be available.
  • Whenever Notion releases the Spotlight feature,it will allow the Notion users on Mac and iphones to use the in-built search feature of the device to find documents,pdfs etc ,without the need to actually open the Notion app.

We hope Notions development team quickly develops this feature this year which will be very useful for Notion users.

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